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Campers, Campers, Campers!!

Saturday, June 27th, 2015


Hello, there!! Humming Bird here! I’ve just slipped away from our arrival activities to send you all a quick update about our busy day!!

We are all super excited here at Hidden Valley to be receiving campers who have arrived by car! Our Super Greeters are standing out, greeting cars as they roll in on Camp Road, and calling out the cabins of the cars’ camper occupants! Counselors from each cabin who are hanging out in the front yard run over to their campers’ cars and hop in to show families to their campers’ new summer residences!

Meanwhile in the front yard, campers and counselors who are already settled in are playing music by the swinging bench, making colorful nametags, and working on their first beautiful friendship bracelets of the season! There are games of cards, soccer, tetherball and frisbee going on all over camp!

Our fabulous kitchen staff prepared a deliciously tasty lunch featuring vegan chocolate chip cookies, for our newly arrived campers, adoring parents and energetic staff, so we can enjoy a full day of introductions, bonding games, and general excitement here within our rapidly-growing camp community!

I’m off to play some more name games with my energetic campers! Keep an eye out for a post from Olive Oyl about tonight’s Opening Night Skits… I can’t give too much information, but I hear it’s supposed to be “out of this world!” (But you didn’t hear that from me!)

Ta-ta for now!!

Humming Bird!

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