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Campchella and Lake St. George Lazy Day!

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014
AWAC shack dance party!

AWAC shack dance party!

Howdy, partners! Olive Oyl here with your inaugural Trip/Lazy Day update of the summer!

Today started off pretty lazily, as most lazy days do, with both younger half and older sleeping in at least half an hour later than usual. We then had a lazy drift-through breakfast outside with croissants, eggs, hash browns, and of course our myriad selection of cereals and juices. The younger half then left for the lovely and nearby Lake St. George, where they can go for a dip, walk along the rocks, do some beach art, or join in on a reading circle or jam session. After a picnic lunch at the Lake, younger half will return to camp where they’ll be greeted by a special surprise (more details and pictures to come later) and then will have a long rest period, full of cabin cleaning and cabin inspections. The older half are currently soaking up the sun at Pool Activities, where they can cool off, make a friendship bracelet, or go on the Slip N’ Slide. Their afternoon will be full of Lazy Day fun to go along with our Campchella Music Festival theme. There’ll be nature Jewelry, Songwriting, Splatter Paint, Face Painting, Name That Tune, Spoken Word Poetry, and Frisbee. We’ve seen some campers decked out in their festival gear- tie-dye, headbands, flowers, and lots of denim.

All of camp will reconvene tonight for the amazing Kim and Reggie, our performers for the evening, will be on camp early to do a special workshop with selected cabins this afternoon. This group will learn and maybe even write an original song, which the rest of camp will get to see at tonight’s evening program. Kim and Reggie have been coming to camp for ages and are a staple of HVC evenings. There’s sure to be singing, dancing, and of course some good ol’ laughter.

To fill you in on last night, we had an awesome electives, although we did have to resort to some rain plans as it started schvitzing as we dispersed for our activities. Some of our activities were unaffected by the weather, like baking cookies, throwing pots, light painting, pizza oven, tie dye, and the AWAC dance party. Unfortunately some of our outdoor activities like the hot tub and capture the flag had to relocate, so a big group gathered in the Rec Hall and some counselors led us in some camp classics like The Princess Pat and Boom Chick-a Boom. Peter then came on stage to do a safety announcement, which was interrupted by some tunes for a surprise dance! We then danced our hearts out in the shelter of the Rec Hall as the rest of the activities wrapped up and joined in on the boogie-ing. Once we were all back together we shared our electives experiences and Meg helped us to conclude the night by leading us in The Farthest Field.

Be expecting another post late this evening with some more photos and details about today’s Lake trip, Campchella activities, and Kim and Reggie.

Au revoir,


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