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Cabin Night – Oh What a Night!

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014


Hello all! Lady of the lake here with all the latest HVC news!

We had a truly fabulous first day of classes yesterday. It was steamy, so some sports classes found their way to the lake or the pool. There was an unbelievable lunch of pasta with pesto, sandwiches, fresh fruit, chips, the salad bar, English muffin pizzas, and mint rice. After classes ended and we had interest groups and evening meeting, we had another wonderful meal for dinner. We ate outside for dinner to enjoy the last few rays of sunshine. Then, each cabin had their own special cabin night. Wombles made cardboard and tinfoil robots and then zipped the Tipi Zip-Line. Avalon dyed eggs. Lower Carriage House had an egg drop (an egg theme among these cabins!). Loons swam across the lake, played some frisbee, and then made s’mores. Bermuda Triangle also made s’mores and had a scavenger hunt and played bull rush on the soccer field. Chateau Fiasco had a cookout with delicious homemade pizzas and deserts. Wabanaki played an epic game of Knock Out on the basketball courts. Forbidden Planet made signs and decorations for their cabin. The Burrow had a Mythical Creatures Parade, since their theme is Mythical Creatures, and then made fairy houses all up and down the creek. They made malls and swing sets and gazebos, too. Paquatahnee had a scavenger hunt and then a pastry shop, where they produced delicious cupcakes. French Quarter tested out the new Dragon Pizza Oven and also made gigantic flowers, since their theme is Through a Bug’s Eye. Fiddler’s Green made glass fused jewelry. Shangri-La had a S’mores Extravaganza (it wouldn’t be camp without lots of s’mores). Valhalla also tested the pizza oven to make desert and made t-shirts, which they are all proudly wearing today. Camelot made memory jars and played games. Dear Meadows had a choose your own adventure scavenger hunt. Taj Mahal had a big circle night in a dance studio and then made S’mores pizzas (the Smoritza!) and ended up singing quite a few musicals. Taj also invented some other Smoritza combinations, like the S’mores Calzone, which are sure to catch on throughout camp. Halley’s Comet, in true Halley’s Comet style, played horse games. After these packed nights, campers headed to their bunks and got a good night’s sleep.

Today is a beautiful and toasty day, so we are making sure we all stay hydrated and cool. We’ve set up a sprinkler so that campers can run through it between classes. There will be a slip-n-slide down Tipi Hill during interest groups, too. We’re also having interest groups at the lake, so that everyone can hop in and enjoy the lovely lake. Many classes will also be taking advantage of the lake and the pool during the day, too. It is sure to be a great day.

During meeting today, Paquatahnee came up and presented No Mail, No Meal, which is where campers must write a letter to have dinner. Don’t worry, if they forget Paquatahnee will have postcards ready for them at dinner tonight. Paquatahnee campers held the letters up to spell No Mail, No Meal, and then Peter had some fun rearranging them to spell different words. Who knows what will be brought to dinner tonight after those rearrangements!

Tonight is Meg’s Rodeo, so make sure to check back tomorrow for new updates.

Over and out,

Lady of the Lake


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