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Cabin Night Never Disappoints

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

Happy Tuesday HVC Families!

Campers spent yesterday back at classes, living and learning it up.

After dinner, and delicious 7-layer bars (shoutout to Mike and the dining hall crew!), campers had their second Cabin Night of the session.

Loons did boat races with Kelsey.

Gimme Shelter played tennis baseball.

Wombles did tie dye.

French Quarter made s’mores.

Avalon did boat races with Kelsey.

Paquatahnee did an activity with Philippe at the stained glass studio.

Bermuda Triangle did tie dye.

Valhalla watched “13 Going on 30” and had an 80’s themed party.

Camelot did an activity with AnnMarie at the woodshop.

Halley’s Comet hung out at camper night off.

Forbidden planet hung out at camper night off.

Fiddler’s Green had a movie night.

Shangri-La enjoyed camper night off.

Taj Mahal had a campfire, made s’mores, and played guitar.

Today campers will head back to one of their last classes before Sharing Night tomorrow and will end their evening with Grab Bag Skits. 

At Grab Bag Skits, each cabin will be given a bag with a variety of props and costumes and will be tasked with coming up with a skit that involves everyone in the cabin in only 10 minutes!

While I won’t be joining the campers for Evening Program, I’ll be grabbing a bag of my own. 

A bag of popcorn, that is, for my own personal viewing of 13 Going on 30. 

I snuck into Valhalla’s Cabin Night and saw a sneak peak of the film, and now I’m invested. Will 13 go on 30? How does the math play out? 

After all, I like to consider myself a gopher in STEM. 


Gopher Girl



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