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Cabin Night, Junk Food Day, and Even More Fun on the Way!

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Paquatahnee enjoying their homemade Oreos!

Good morning, sunshines! It’s me, Cara B., with all the latest from Cabin Night last night!

After a delicious traditional Korean dinner cooked with help from Kae Kim, host to our Korean campers each summer, we headed off with our cabin groups for Cabin Night! Cabin Night is a super special evening program where everyone does a different activity with their cabin group. Here’s what everyone got up to:

Wombles did an art project with Polymer clay

Avalon did build and destroy at the end of the world

Gimme Shelter swam at the lake

Loons did a glass fusing project

Down Under made their own chapstick and did facials

Paquatahnee made homemade Oreos

The Burrow made s’mores

Shangri-La spent the whole evening at Tipis, doing Tipi zip and then camping out

Chateau Fiasco hiked and camped at the glade

Treasure Island had a movie night

LCH swam at the lake and made s’mores

French 1/4 made fondue over the fire and made slime

Fiddler’s Green made edible cookie dough and played ropes games

Valhalla had fun with glow paint and made s’mores

Camelot made glass beads

Atlantis destroyed a Nalgene water bottle

Wabanaki did tie-dye and played games

Taj Mahal had a game show night

Forbidden Planet made pizza at the pizza oven

Haley’s Comet did a trail ride

Whew! Doesn’t that all sound amazing? After a good night’s sleep, we woke up to the unmistakable smell of donuts, sugary cereals, and Pop-tarts. This sweet aroma could only mean one thing…JUNK FOOD DAY!! The dining hall was full of cheers are we loaded our plates with treats. At morning meeting, we discussed Junk Food Day breakfast recipes including stuffing donuts with cereal and spreading donut frosting onto Pop-tarts. Peter I. demonstrated the “correct” way to eat a Boston cream donut, by scooping the cream out with a spoon, filling the inside with Golden Grams, soaking the entire concoction in milk, and eating it all in one bite. We were all truly astonished- who knows what we’ll come up with at lunch once hot dogs, Cheetos, Oreos, and marshmallow fluff are in the mix!

With our sugar rush at a peak high, we headed off for the sixth day of classes. The session has truly flown by! Soon we will enjoy performances of the play, the musical, and sharing night of course! Mama Iguana and I can hardly wait. Tonight is Electives, so stay tuned to hear all about it tomorrow. For now, enjoy photos from Cabin Night and Junk Food Day.

Signing off!

Cara B. Ner

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