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Cabin night, dress in the dark day, and the BOOK FAIR!!

Thursday, August 8th, 2019

HAPPY DRESS IN THE DARK DAY, HVC!! It’s Mag-O-Llama and Hummingbird here! Campers showed up to breakfast this morning in their wackiest, most dressed-in-the-darkiest outfits and it was a HOOT to see what they wore! Check out the photos below! We also have some photos from meeting this morning, check those out too!! We had our meeting inside the Rec Hall today because of the schvitz (that’s what we call ra*n!) We’re lucky ducks that today is the first schvitzy day of the session here in the Valley, and now we get to see all the fun stuff we can do when things are just a little soggy! Many of our usual outdoor activities have indoor alternatives, like playing in the Red Barn or under our tent in the backyard, or warming up in a hot sauna at the lake or pool! Everyone has a schvitz coat and schvitz boots, and we’re all smiles here at camp! 🙂

Luckily last night was clear for CABIN NIGHT!! Cabins dispersed after our yummy spaghetti dinner to do their own activities. Let’s see what everyone got up to, and check out pictures below!

Loon’s Splattered paint from the tree house!
Avalon tie dyed T-shirts!
Gimme Shelter had fun with some cabbage!
Bermuda Triangle did Tipi Zip!
Forbidden Planet made dessert pizza!
Haley’s Comet screen printed T-shirts!
Down Under made S’mores and played games!
French Quarter had a karaoke night!
Wombles had a pool party!
Paquatahnee had a blast with the pineapple fairy!
The Burrow made cookies!
Shangri-La made glass beads and ate Hershey’s Kisses!
Wabanaki made cookies and played games!
LCH had a “twin party,” they watched the parent trap and had ice cream!
Valhalla tested out “as seen on TV” products with Wes!
Fiddlers Green made ocean glass jewelry!
Camelot made ice cream sandwiches and did glass blowing!
Taj Mahal went to the lake!
The Apprentices got time to mentor campers and have some studio time!

Today is our THIRD TO LAST DAY OF CLASSES!! Can you believe how quickly this session has gone by?! We certainly cannot!! We’re beginning to wrap up art projects, finish choreography, and perfect our skillz… shout out to yesterday’s interest groups soccer game!! Pictures below, and stay tuned for the upcoming interest groups basketball game! And speaking of fun things that happen during interest groups, today is the BOOK FAIR!! After fourth period campers will grab their snacks and head to the upstairs of the Red Barn, where they can pick out a book to take home with them! It’s gonna be some literary fun!

So even though we’re in the final stretch of the summer, camp is still chugging along and we’re having so much fun! There’s a lot to look forward to in the next week, and we can’t wait to keep you posted on all of it! But for now we have a very important job to do… we must go paint the puddles!

Singing in the schvitz,
Mag-O-Llama and Hummingbird!


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