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Cabin Night and Candy Drop Conspiracies!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Gimme Shelter post s’mores and scavenger hunt!

It’s Mama Iguana here to give you a morning update!

This morning, everyone woke up to the beautiful sunshine, mysterious photos of AWACs sorting candy, and yummy french toast. Before I tell you more about the day ahead, let’s reminisce about last night’s cabin night!

After a wonderful Hawaiian BBQ cooked by the kitchen staff, cabins went their separate ways for their first cabin night of the summer! Here’s what each cabin did last night:

Wombles Went on a deep sea treasure hunt at the pool

Avalon Scavenger Hunt

Gimme Shelter: Scavenger hunt to make s’mores

Down Under: Made pet rocks and s’mores

The Burrow: Baked cookies

Chateau Fiasco: Solved a murder mystery and ended with s’mores

Fiddler’s Green: Went on Tipi Zip and played games

Haley’s Comet: Decorated a cabin flag

Shangri La: Light painting

Forbidden Planet: Went off site to go rock climbing

Taj Mahal: Trust walk and birthday party/arts and crafts for their counselor Lucy

Apprentices: Folio construction

Paquatahnee: Scavenger hunt to a spa night

LCH: Scavenger hunt to egg drop

French Quarter: Cabin flag and s’mores

Loons: Build and destroy

Atlantis: Hike to log cabin and s’mores

Treasure Island: Magic quest and scavenger hunt

Valhalla: Glass beads and cabin flag

Camelot: Trip off site to go kayaking

Wabanaki: Scavenger hunt to bake cookies

Now that I’ve given you a run down on last night’s events, let’s talk more about the day ahead! There were candy wrappers taped all over the backyard along with photos from last night’s adventures. Campers spent breakfast debating what day the candy drop will be and who will be flying in the plane. Today’s morning meeting was full of candy drop conspiracies. A few campers went up and stated that the candy drop was today. They seemed pretty confident to me, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

After soaking up the sun during meeting, campers started their second day of classes! Meg reminded everyone to bring their water bottles, wear sunscreen, and stay in the shade! Everyone was eager to get to first period.

Tonight’s evening program is Meg’s Rodeo. Meg’s Rodeo is one of our first evening program where cabins rotate through stations playing different games. Cara B. will be back tomorrow morning to give you more details on how the night goes.

That’s all for now. Check out some photos from cabin night and yesterday’s classes!

See ya!

Mama Iguana

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