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But first…. a message from our sponsors!

Saturday, August 13th, 2016
Thanks crew and cast!!

Thanks crew and cast!!

Good morning, folks! Humming Bird here with your updates! But first…

A message from Peter and Meg…
Reading the blog, you are now aware of the tremendous effort that staff put into community activities at HVC.  These events are fabulous and fun, nearly impossible to produce outside the world of camp, and – in the absence of the “color war” activities at more traditional camps – enhance our efforts to create a meaningful, positive group life here. We have long believed that these positive community experiences – taken back in to the “real world” – are an ideal for young people to aspire to in their daily lives.
Even more importantly, we see so much individual growth here. Some campers are spending their 6th or 7th summers at HVC and not only are they taller, but these children have truly become themselves, making contributions all over camp, acting as role models and demonstrating that values of love, friendship and mutual support can truly be brought to life. And our brave new campers have shown that they too can make contributions – as together we build “family” life in the cabins, learn skills all over, etc. – while establishing creative independent identities away from home.
So, there you have it…  Independence and Interdependence, both at once!  Our thanks go out to counselors and instructors who have set the stage for so much success. And hats off to our campers, a truly generous, comfortable and open-minded group, always thinking outside the box, but not too far!  –  MEG & PETER

Thanks, Meg and Peter! And now, for some updates about our programs! The play last night was BEAUTIFUL! Our cast of four did a spectacular job bringing the vampire bunny’s story to life! Bravo, actors! Check out photos!

And in sports news, our basketball game went perfectly! The campers beat the counselors by a landslide– good job campers! Team X played valiantly, but alas our pro-player campers ultimately took home the W, led to victory by their fearless coaches, Will and Zach! A riveting game, thanks to all our players! Check out photos!


Today we’re enjoying some slightly cooler weather, which is just in time for DRESS IN THE DARK DAY! Check out photos of some of our crazy ensembles! Tonight we’re looking forward to the musical, Wicked! Our cast and crew have been working tirelessly on the show for the last few weeks, and we are all so excited to see the outcome of all their efforts! Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow!

The session may be drawing to a close, but the camp spirit is still alive and well here in the Valley! Stay tuned for all the exciting things we have upcoming: the musical and sharing night, one last trip lazy day, and of course Fair Day! Lots of exciting things happening here at camp, so keep checking in right here!

I’m off to find my most clashing wing accessories– you can’t really dress in the dark on dress in the dark day (it takes much more attention than dressing in the light, really!)

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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