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Bowling, Candy-Crushing and The Play (and being lazy too)!!!

Saturday, August 12th, 2023

Hey what’s up!

Here at HVC, it’s a Laazy Daay!!!

Yesterday evening, campers (and counselors) had an *incredible* (pun intended!) time watching The Incredibles 2 in the Rec Hall. With more than a few snacks in hand and plenty of audible audience reactions whether cheers, gasps or laughs, the event was wholly cozy and wholesome!

Today, campers woke up on the later side and dressed in the dark – or the proverbial dark for those appreciably window-clad quarters – before dashing off to an elegantly scrumptious breakfast featuring croissants!

A jovial cabin cleanup period followed, including preparations for Cabin Inspections conducted by the day’s guest starring Inspectors in search of *Alice*…alas, it’s a whole wide (and potentially messy!) world down the Rabbit Hole… 

After, the older half boarded the buses for their highly anticipated off-camp Bowling trip where fun and games abounded – see footage below – while the younger half populated the backyard for an epic live-action game of Candy Crush! 

In this version, campers were tasked with collecting round and tossable pieces of ‘candy’ scattered around the backyard by the malevolent Willy Wonka (there’s one who always dresses in the dark!) attempting to thwart the fruitful business ventures of the humble Grandma Nut.

Traveling as cabins, their journeys led them to an assortment of stations requiring their successful completion of fun challenges (e.g. the human knot, identifying counselor baby photos and silently arranging in birthday order) to collect their colorful prizes. It was sweet and silly fun – see photos below!

Tonight, we can’t wait (and wouldn’t want to be late!) to watch the PLAY – Alice in Wonderland!!! It’s sure to be an enchanting experience – many more details and photos tomorrow!


H. V. Scribe

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