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Bowling and Dinos??? Must Be a Lazy Day!

Friday, June 30th, 2023

Hey HVC!

Yesterday electives graced us with a beautiful opportunity to explore our individual passions and interests. Among the options were capture the flag, pretending to be trees, and poetry!

Today we had a fantastic lazy day! Lazy days are when we take a break from classes, sleep in a bit, do a (not-so-lazy) cabin clean, hang out by the pool, and just relax. On most lazy days, the older or younger half will take a trip. Today while the younger half had a dinosaur-themed day in the backyard, the older half went bowling! Bermuda Triangle, Camelot, Valhalla, Chateau Fiasco, Forbidden Planet, Fiddler’s Green, Shangri-La, Taj Mahal, Haley’s Comet, and Community impressed us all with their bowling skills. Our great day was topped off with a delicious taco dinner. After dinner, the campers enjoyed a performance by the Half Moon Jug Band!

Tomorrow we go back to our classes! More details to come. For now, check out our pics below (including some from electives last night)!

-The Dining Hall Dragon

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