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BFF…Baby Food Feast!

Sunday, July 10th, 2022

Good morning HVC Families!

It’s a beautiful Bagel Sunday here at Hidden Valley.

Yesterday, campers enjoyed another day of classes in the sunny weather, before an exciting evening meeting.

Instead of meeting in the backyard facing the gazebo before dinner, campers gathered facing the picnic tables in front of the Red Barn entrances for the infamous blindfolded tasting of baby food.

Volunteers chosen by Peter headed to seats at the Cape Cod Red picnic tables and were blindfolded before tasting baby food and subsequently guessing the flavor they believed they had consumed.

Campers, AWACs, and counselors each had a round where members of their group had a chance to taste and guess the flavor. Featured flavors included prunes, apple and chicken dinner, and ham and gravy.

After baby food tasting, campers headed off to dinner before beginning their evening program scavenger hunt, on the search for candy as the end prize.

They searched all around camp for clues, solved riddles, and performed songs. In the end, the campers managed to hunt down the final prize.

Today, campers are headed back to classes, and will end their night with the Wheel of Misfortune! Excitement is in the air to see what the performance and wheel has in store for the camp. Campers were even witness to a mysterious sighting of a frightening Mickey Mouse at evening meeting last night.

More updates tomorrow. Only one more week until the next Bagel Sunday!


Gopher Girl

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