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Bazzinga! Searching, Building, Destruction, and More!

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Build and Destroy!

Greetings, fellow earthlings! Cara B. here with a very exciting update.

Last night’s evening program was Bazzinga! At the end of evening meeting, campers were instructed to close their eyes and await a very special surprise. Counselors carefully got up from their usual meeting spots and tip-toed over to different cabin groups. When campers opened their eyes, they had brand new counselors for the night! Bazzinga! Everyone headed into the dining hall to get to get aquatinted with their new counselors over fried fish and roasted veggies. Afterwards, cabins headed off to different locations for one of three awesome evening programs.

The youngest cabins met in the Front Yard to begin a counselor hunt! They journeyed across camp receiving clues to find the next counselor’s hiding spot and puzzle pieces that when put together would reveal their final destination. They also found some s’mores supplies along the way, which was pretty convenient considering their final destination was the Loons fire pit! They ended the night with a huge s’mores party once all the counselors were found.

The oldest cabins gathered in the Backyard for build and destroy! After painting themselves in different colors to show off their cabin pride, cabin groups began constructing forts at different corners of the Backyard using picnic tables, cardboard, some junk from the end of the world, and a whoollleee lot of duct tape. Once the forts were constructed, it was time for the battle to begin. They ended the evening with a HUGE water balloon fight! I’m not sure which cabin emerged victorious, but I’m absolutely certain that everyone had a blast.

The middle cabins met on the Rec Hall Dec for a super cool activity called Predator Prey. Predator Prey is sort of a man hunt-tag style game, where campers are split into three groups of animals- herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. There were several food and water stations spread out around camp for animals to find, and each group of animals had a different number of lives and a different goal for the game. Herbivores were trying to find all the food and water stations and avoid being tagged by other animals. Omnivores were trying to find some food stations, all water stations, and to tag a few herbivores. Carnivores were trying to find all the water stations and to tag lots of other animals. All animals also had to try and avoid our AWAC “natural disasters” and “man” (some campers on a buggy with water guns), who would also take away their lives. It was a really exciting game, which ended with everyone chilling back at the Rec Hall for some friendship bracelets, card games, and sing-a-longs.

We gathered back together as a whole camp at the Rec Hall to debrief and for counselors to switch back to their regular cabins. Suddenly, music started blasting, signaling yet another surprise dance! We danced the night away until it was dark outside, much later than our usual bedtime…what could this mean? Once we were all danced out, we were dismissed by cabin group and led not to our cabins, but to Deer Meadow’s field for the biggest surprise yet- fireworks! It was the perfect way to end such a spectacular evening.

After a good night’s rest, we woke up to my all time favorite camp breakfast- pancakes with blueberry sauce! We gobbled up the cakes and headed over to morning meeting with our teeth and tongues stained purple from the bluebs. Right now, everyone is enjoying their last day of classes for the first two weeks of the session! Tonight is sharing night, where we’ll see all the hard work from the past two weeks pay off for classes like rock band, dance, ukulele, and more! Tomorrow is PJ day, the laziest of all lazy days! We’ll say farewell to some two week campers and hello to some new ones coming in, choose a new set of classes, and chill by the pool- I can hardly wait!

That’s all from me! For now, enjoy photos from Bazzinga!

In a while, crocodiles!

Cara B. Ner

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