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Basketball Players and the Play

Sunday, July 17th, 2022

Good Morning HVC Families,

You know what they say—campers always win!

And this was yet again proven to be true yesterday at our camper vs. counselor b-ball game. During interest groups, HVC gathered to ball it up at the b-ball court.

Our camper team was led by counselor coaches Darren and Seamus as well as AWAC Juval. Team X, featuring the PDs, and the counselor team were both headed by Peter Kassen himself.

After a close first quarter, with the counselors in the lead, the campers stepped up their game and showed no mercy. By the end of the game, campers were won 26-10.

Campers also received their white books which they use to get all of their camp friends’ signatures and emails or other contact information to stay in touch.

At evening program campers headed to the Rec Hall to watch the play that the cast has been working on since the beginning of camp. This year’s play was “The Play That Goes Wrong.”

Humorous and sarcastic, this play did not disappoint, and neither did the fantastic actors and backstage ninjas involved.

And, in the most literal sense, despite the numerous action scenes, no one broke a leg!

Today, campers head to their final classes of the session and end their evening with Sharing Night, where many of the classes that campers take will perform on stage to demonstrate something that they have learned or put together in the past 8 class days.

I’m going to go-pher a walk to the dining hall again. You already know it’s Bagel Sunday.


Gopher Girl

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