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Saturday, August 8th, 2015


Top o’ the morning to y’all!! Humming Bird here with Cat Nap, and we’ve got some exciting updates for you!!

Last night Meeting was held in a peculiar spot… we sat just a few feet away from our normal Gazebo spot, in what is known as the Baby Food spot… BECAUSE LAST NIGHT WAS BABY FOOD!! What on this beautiful green earth is Baby Food, Humming Bird?? Well, let me tell you!! Baby Food is a magical feature of one Evening Program per session, during which Peter picks out 8 willing victims contestants at a time to come on up, put on a blindfold, and allow themselves to be fed– you guessed it!– baby food! Then each contestant has to guess what flavor they had just consumed! Meanwhile, campers and counselors who are not in the hotseat make their most disgusted reactions, and sing the Jeopardy theme song while our contestants try to guess! We did two rounds of campers, one round of AWACs, and a round of counselors. So check out some killer pictures of the mayhem!!

After all the baby food madness, our campers enjoyed a beautiful night of electives! There was a rolicking game of Capture the Flag, some classic baking, glass beads, even glass blowing! And of COURSE Peter gave his Forbidden Hidden Valley Tour– for 5 who know, and 5 who don’t know! There was plaster casting, a beautiful performance, candle making, splatter painting, Rugby, and a super fun pool party!! Check out photos below of the high energy evening!

Tonight we are looking forward to a fun and exciting evening of multiple programs! Our youngest cabins, Loons, LCH, Down Under, Wombles, Paquatahnee and French Quarter, will be playing Candy Crush!! Before you even ask, allow me to explain. Well, Willy Wonka has stolen Grandma Nut’s candies and is attempting to sell them as his own, and that just won’t do! So campers go around in their cabin groups and collect the candies that have been hidden around the backyard, front yard, soccer field, and rec hall field, and they also have to complete some wacky activities that counselors have set up in order to win some of them. Meanwhile, Willy Wonka’s oompa loompas are running around trying to steal the candies back! Be sure to check out pictures tomorrow of the fun evening program!

Our oldest cabins, Taj Mahal, Forbidden Planet and Valhalla, will head up the road to Blodgett House, where our Apprentices are living for the session. The Apprentices have planned a lovely evening for our oldest campers, to show them what exciting options are available to them after their time on Main Camp! We’ll have photo updates on our teens’ evening program tomorrow!

The remaining cabins will enjoy individual cabin nights, to solidify their bonds together as cabin mates! Activities tonight will be:

Fiddlers Green will have a games night and dance party in the Foothills Dance Studio!
Camelot will have a Big Circle Night in the Old Dance Studio!
Shangri-La will be doing a spa night together!
Atlantis will be playing with the slingshot that lives in Deer Meadows Field!
Chateau Fiasco is having a super top secret cabin night! Tune in tomorrow to see pictures and find out what it is!
Avalon and Gimme Shelter will be playing a game of 40-40 in Wabanaki Field!

We’ve got lots going on here at camp tonight, so tune back in tomorrow for pictures of all our fun activities!!

Cat Nap and I are off to set up for the Wheel…….
What’s that?

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

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