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Autumn Leaves and Summer Memories!

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Beautiful leaves reflected on the lake!

Hey there, everyone! Cara here with an autumn update.

Fall is finally upon us here at Hidden Valley! While the temperature has remained fairly warm, the trees have been undergoing a beautiful transformation. The leaves are changing in fantastic shades of yellow, orange, and red- I can totally imagine campers stomping through crunchy leaves on their way to the lake and building big piles for jumping in the backyard. How’s that for an interest group?

We have lots of great photos to share that capture the gorgeous fall foliage. The woods that surround the horse pastures, home to horseback riding lessons and our Brumby program, are now freckled with colorful leaves. The walk up Tipi Hill has also had an autumn makeover, which reminds me of all the new beginnings that have been celebrated at opening Pinegrove just up the hill. Nature art classes would have lots of new material to work with, and I wonder how the llamas feel about the change of scenery…

That’s all for now, my friends! Be sure to look out for an upcoming post about projects around camp and news and photos from the camp reunion in November! I can hardly wait.

Wishing warm sweaters, happy pumpkin carving, and yummy apple treats to everyone at home!

Cara B. Ner.

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