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August Today and Awesome Things Ahead

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Smiles all around at the fair!

Welcome, August, and welcome back, our faithful readers!

It is I, Luna Bug, back again for a news update on all the hap’s around camp since Cara B. last checked in!

Yesterday, the older half a had a fantastic time at the Bangor State Fair. Everybody loaded onto the buses with water bottles in hand and new HVC t-shirts on to headed off to an afternoon of fun. Every kid in the older half got $5 to spend however they wanted! There was soda, fried dough, giant doughnuts, milkshakes, hot dogs, french fries, and so many more things to choose from. Kids could also spend their money on little games like the water gun game or a basketball shootout. There were animals to see and rides to ride on and it was just an awesome day! Check below for tons of photos from the fair to get an even better sense of it!

Once everyone returned to HVC we all settled in for evening meeting, and then a yummy pizza dinner, salad bar, and watermelon for desert. The evening program was a movie night, which was a nice and calm way to end a busy, busy, busy day. As part of Hidden Valley’s Movies That Matter initiative, we had an Anyone Can Do Anything theme for the night. The younger half watched Sing and the older half watched October Sky. After that it was off to bed for everybody!

This morning we woke up to a blue sky, and headed off to breakfast for an always fantastic and satisfying egg bar. Today is the 7th day of classes, and everybody around camp is going to be preparing for sharing night, finishing up art projects, and wrapping up classes. It’s gonna be a hot one today, but after some pockets of schvitz it’s going to be welcome! For evening program we have Bazinga!, which is where the counselors switch cabins for the evening, and then the camp is split up into three different groups to go through three separate groups activities: Predator-Prey, counselor hunt, and the Destruction Game. More on that, though, tomorrow!

Bzzzzingaing into this August day!


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