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Arrival Day!

Sunday, July 23rd, 2023

Hiiii from Arrival Day!!!

We are SO excited that the campers are here – wahoo!!

From 8:30 this morning, counselors, staff and Intersessioners flocked to the backyard to begin greeting the car arrivals as Arrival Day ‘fuzzy time’ activities including name-tag making, friendship bracelets and frisbee got underway.

As the rest of the arrivals trickled in, campers mingled with their growing cabin families and began settling into their new homes for the month before everyone gathered along camp road to extend enthusiastic welcomes to the Newton and Port Chester bus arrivals!

At 5:10 this evening, all of camp gathered for our very first daily Evening Meeting! During this event, we were introduced to our amazing PDs with a skit involving a case of mistaken AWAC identities alongside prospective fixtures like Weather Guy & Pal and Gurus (see you soon Iron Chef cooks!)

We were also introduced to our Dinner Groups of the session along the theme of – precious silence…gemstones! – before sitting as cabins for a delicious pasta dinner.

After everyone had their fill (plus cake), we migrated as a new community to the outdoor rec hall stage to view the *fang-tastic* Opening Night Skits production memorably MCd by an extended vampire family on vacation, where all the counselors announced the classes that they’ll be teaching for the next two weeks.

With the variety including waterfront activities, sports and ropes, performing and visual arts, animals and more, campers will have so much to choose from when doing sign-ups on Orientation Day tomorrow!

Besides that, we’re also looking forward to jumping into the sun-warmed lake for Swim Evaluations in addition to getting official tours of camp and fully settled into our spaces as well as acquainted with our cabin mates.

As the starry night sky has glittered to life over HVC, we’re busy dreaming and stockpiling our energy for when the sun ascends and the fun starts rolling!!

Rock on,

Wyrd Smith (H. V. Scribe’s alter ego)



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