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Aloha, on this lazy day!

Monday, July 18th, 2016


Good afternoon, on this sunny sunny day! Humming Bird here with updates on all things camp!

Last night we all enjoyed a beautiful Sharing Night! Our MC’s, who were lost in a swamp, led us through the performances with their Minnesotan accents! We had some incredible acts, ranging everywhere from guitar and ukulele, to acappella, to K-pop dancing! We had some appearances from boating and animal care classes, and some incredible gymnastics routines! The AWACs participated, we learned about Shakespeare, and there was a performance by Rob and Moses’s “destruction in slow motion” class! It was a really, really fun night– check out photos!

Today we woke up for the FINAL TRIP LAZY DAY!! The younger half went glow bowling, while the older half stayed back at main camp and had Aloha Day! Everyone hung out in the backyard, playing frisbee and badminton, reading, signing White Books (they’re these little booklets that each camper gets, to collect signatures and memories from the summer!) We had lemonade to hydrate, and there was music coming from the gazebo, where we also had a limbo competition! To combat the heat, we also had the slip ‘n’ slide going on tipi hill! Check out photos from the lazy afternoon!

Tonight we’ll gather in the rec hall to watch the musical, The School of Rock! What an exciting show it will be! Our campers have worked so hard over the past four weeks to prepare this show, I personally can’t wait to see what they’ve achieved! I hope we get to see them “stick it to the man!!”

Until then, I’m off to scrounge more of Lilian’s tuna salad from lunch… a bird’s gotta eat!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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