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All the Buzz from The Bug and B(ee) Dance and Junk Food Day!

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Donuts on Junk Food Day!

Gooooooood morning! Cara B. here with all the latest on another warm, sunny day at camp.

Last night after a successful Junk Food Day filled with hot dogs, Oreos, marshmallow fluff, and ice cream sundaes, our evening program was the Bug and B(ee) Dance! Campers and counselors dressed up as butterflies, bees, and other insects, as well as boys, barbies, and even bananas! One counselor hung a list of costume ideas around her neck and when asked about her outfit, she replied “I’m brain storming!” We headed to the Rec Hall area for some awesome bug and “B” related activities, and lots of “boogie-ing” and dancing the “jitterbug,” of course. There was butterfly making, bubble blowing, a snail race (the slowest person wins!), a bug hunt, bug house making, banana grams, button making, beach volleyball, and lots of basketball on the court. We had a blast doing all the awesome activities and dancing to some fantastic music by artists starting with “B,” including The Beatles, Beyonce, and The B-52s. We ended the night with a big group dance in the Rec Hall before heading off to bed.

Today was Dress in the Dark Day! On Dress in the Dark Day, well, we dress in the dark! Everyone is encouraged to throw on the whackiest outfit they can muster to celebrate silliness and the freedom of expression we feel here at camp. We headed into breakfast to show off our inside-out t-shirts, layered shorts over leggings, and bathing suits on top of clothes, over waffles with strawberry sauce and whipped cream.

Right now, everyone is off enjoying the 5th day of classes. Today marks the beginning of our new minis! Mini classes are offered for just four days instead of eight, so that campers can have the opportunity to try out even more amazing classes! Tonight is Electives, where campers will have the opportunity to choose from a number of fabulous activities offered by staff. Mama Iguana will tell you all about it tomorrow!

That’s all for today! Enjoy photos from Junk Food Day yesterday, the Bug and B(ee) Dance, and Dress in the Dark Day.


Cara B. Ner

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