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A *Wonderland* on Stage…and All Around!!

Sunday, August 13th, 2023

Hey guys!

Yesterday we had a fabulous time watching the HVC production of Alice in Wonderland! Short but oh-so-sweet, it was truly delightful to witness the on-point costumes and whimsical props (shoutout to costume design and the Backstage Ninjas!) supporting the finely-delivered witticisms, an unsuspected musical number, and riveting scenes in the iconic settings of the illogically punctual Tea Party and the Queen of Heart’s royal croquet lawn. A huge shoutout to the cast – all your hard work over the past two weeks simply dazzled on stage! (See photos below!!)

Today, campers awoke at the typical bright ’n early time for a dual fan-favorite Bagel Sunday + Egg Bar breakfast before delving into our last day of classes! Alongside finishing up art projects to be shown at the Art Show during Fair Day, campers are rehearsing songs, dances, musical numbers and more for tonight’s Sharing Night evening program and making their final memories in their sports, animal and waterfront classes 🙂

Speaking of sports, the Pickleball Tournament staff finals is scheduled for Interest Groups today, and it’s bound to be an epic event! Another imminent match we’re excited about is the iconic Camper vs. Counselor Basketball Game; stay tuned for that…

Although classes may be ending, there’s so much more fun to come before we say goodbye, including another Lazy Day tomorrow – be sure to check back for details!

Talk soon,

H. V. Scribe



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