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A Very Merry Un-Gross Day to You!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015


Hello, hello, it’s nice to write to you all again! Humming Bird here with Cat Nap (“Meow!” – Cat Nap) and we have some lovely things to tell you on this beautiful Aloha Tuesday!

Last night we enjoyed some incredible acts at Valley Fest! We all gathered in front of the gazebo after dinner to watch what our talented campers got up so bravely to share with us! We had some beautiful singing, some Irish Dance, whipped cream catching, gymnastics, a skit, Sumo Wrestling, someone even blew up a balloon with just her nose! And the night ended with, of course, THE BLOB!! Everyone stood up and danced together– it was a beautiful moment, especially after our Wheel of Misfortune! After the rousing dance party, Peri calmed us down with some of her beautiful camp songs! It was a really lovely night, so check out the pictures of our talented campers!

This morning we had a special surprise in Meeting! Dexter joined us! Here’s a little background for those of you who don’t know. Dexter is our pig. He lives in the llama pen with the llamas, and rarely makes an appearance around camp, although he is totally free to roam around as he pleases. Most people around here accept this strange behavior to be a result of his growing crankiness as his old age progresses. However, today, Dex joined us for our Morning Meeting! Check out the pictures our paparazzi snapped of his appearance before his agent smashed the cameras.

Cat Nap and I are off to sneak some more pics of the pig while his agent is in an important meeting with Peter and Meg!

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

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