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A Magical Musical and More Fun Ahead!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

The amazing cast and crew of Pippin!

Wakey wakey eggs and bakey! Cara here with an update.

Last night after a yummy pizza dinner, we headed over to the Rec Hall for the musical performance of Pippin! The Rec Hall was completely transformed into a big top circus. A group of players at this circus told us the story of Pippin, a young man trying to find his way as he enters adulthood. Pippin goes into battle, tries his hand at art, meets friends and finds love, and ultimately chooses this love over a “grand finale” of other life experiences in an ominous and dramatic ending which left everyone in shock and astonishment. It was truly an incredible and thought provoking performance! We gave all the actors and backstage ninjas a huge cheer and a big standing ovation. We also thanked our amazing directors, Cate, Nick B., and musical director Dario, who played piano to accompany the cast throughout the entire show! It was truly a fantastic showcase of talent and a community effort- from actors, to set makers, to costumers and more.

This morning, some of us woke up especially early to participate in the Fair Day fun run! After an egg bar breakfast and a short morning meeting, we cheered on the runners as they raced right through meeting to the finish line. Once we were all back together, we headed to our cabins for a quick cabin clean and to get a head start on packing. Next, we set up our Fair Day Booths! Soon, we will all gather together on the soccer field to watch the Brumby horse show. Brumby, the group of campers in our special horse riding program, have worked incredibly hard this summer mastering their riding skills. I can’t wait to see all that work pay off during the show!

After the show, we will head back to main camp to enjoy Fair Day! Fair Day is a super special day of fun at the end of each session. Each cabin will be running a different booth during the fair- there’ll be games, lots of yummy treats to eat, some inflatables to play on including a brand new waterslide, and a big showcase of art made in art classes throughout the session! Mama Iguana will report all the details later. I gotta go, I think I smell fried dough cooking! For now, enjoy photos from Pippin!


Cara B. Ner

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