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A Fair Day in the Valley

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016


Good afternoon, friends and family! Humming Bird here on this beautiful Fair Day! It has been an incredible day here in the Valley, so let’s check out what we’ve been up to!!

The morning began as most mornings do– with a delicious breakfast! We ate lots of yummy yummy eggs from the egg bar, and gathered for Morning Meeting, where we awaited our campers who ran in the Fun Run, down camp road! Then we went to set up our Fair Day booths! After set-up, we gathered by the horse barn for the Brumby Horse Show! Our five Brumby campers and apprentice have worked tirelessly this session to care for the horses and hone their skills in riding. Their show this morning provided an impressive glimpse into the life of our horsey people! They did a beautiful job, congratulations, Brumby!! Check out photos of their work!

After the show, we were released to the fair! Here’s what everyone was up to:
Forbidden Planet made fried dough
Taj Mahal wrote kiss-o-grams
Fiddler’s Green served ice cream
Camelot DJ’ed
Valhalla ran the marriage booth
Shangri-La gave out drinks
French Quarter manned the chocolate fountain
LCH painted our faces
Wombles facilitated pillow jousting
Loons ran the poop shoot
Chateau Fiasco refereed sumo wrestling
Avalon ran the slip ‘n’ slide
The Burrow managed the Jelly Bean Count
Down Under painted nails
Atlantis ran the moon bounce
Treasure Island ran the name change registration
Paquatahnee told our fortunes
HVA set up a backpacking obstacle course
The AWACs gave out pretzels
Kitchen staff served hot dogs

It was a SUPER fun day, check out photos of the shenanigans!

After all the dough was fried and the chocolate was consumed, we had one MASSIVE clean-up all together! Now our beautiful camp is sparkly clean! It’s almost as if nothing ever happened… except for that we still have all our memories and all these pictures for you to see! So check them out!

We just enjoyed our final slide show of second session, in addition to the presentation of all our video class projects! We sure have had a fantastic month here! Tonight we’re looking forward to a beautiful Fair Day Dance! Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow, when I also tell you about Packing Day!!

Also, enjoy photos of last night’s Alive show! The campers have been working so hard this summer, exploring different media of art, and all their efforts have culminated in this beautiful show! Enjoy the pictures of their work!

That’s all for now, folks! Talk to you tomorrow!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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