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A Busy Night and And Even More to Come!

Sunday, July 13th, 2014


Howdy, friends! Olive Oyl here reporting to you on this magnificent Bagel Sunday! We enjoyed some delicious carbohydrates this morning complete with lox and garlic and herb cream cheese, plus kiwi, melon, and banana. After this yummy meal we headed over to evening meeting where we heard the beautiful sounds of Meg and Tom’s bass dulcimers to start our day. Peter reminded us to think of these peaceful camp moments when we’re caught up in the routines of school or work in the winter. Taking a moment to remember the sounds of the dulcimer and the birds chirping in the morning can provide some solace on a cold winter day.

Things have been heating up around camp in preparation for the wheel. Some mysterious townspeople got taken away at meeting this morning, plus there are some wanted signs posted around camp. It’s bound to be an incredible night full of mystery, a little bit of horror, and a whole lot of pies in the face.

Jake Day was yesterday, where we all wake up early to do our cabin cheers and take cabin photos. Evening meeting and morning meeting were taped and all of this lovely footage will show up on the camp yearbook DVD sometime in the winter (maybe when we’re feeling a little blue and thinking about dulcimers).

The Brumby Program had a special treat the other day, with Jenelle the vet stopping by to show the campers how to measure a horse’s weight and use a stethoscope to listen to their insides. Check out the photos! Also be sure to catch the photos of Haley’s Comet’s trip to Isleboro from the last Lazy Day!

Last night was a very busy evening, with four different activities going on. Our younger cabins, Wombles, Avalon, LCH, Down Under, The Burrow, Paquatahnee, Fiddler’s Green and French Quarter were participating in Candy Crush. This involved the MC’s Willy Wonka and Granny trying to get their candy back, which took the shape of balls hidden all around camp that cabins had to answer riddles and complete challenges in order to find. The middle girls cabins took part in a camp classic, the Newspaper Fashion Show! Shangri-La, Valhalla, and Haley’s Comet were the three design teams, using only newspaper, masking tape, and tin foil to create three complete outfits. We saw an alien, wonderwoman, and a supermodel on the runway. The middle boys cabins of Loons, Chateau Fiasco, and Bermuda Triangle were in Deer Meadows field doing an evening of Field Day activities. These included an egg and spoon race, three legged race, water balloon pass, and the human knot. The three cabins were split into four teams and competed against each other, even though we’re really all winners at HVC! Finally, our oldest cabins, Taj, Camelot, Deer Meadows, Forbidden Planet, and Wabanaki went to the Teen Party at Community’s humble abode, Blodgett. After enjoying a nice walk up to Blodgett, they enjoyed ice cream, frisbee, soccer, and some good ol’ hanging out.

Well, that’s all for now. There’s a sense of mystery, excitement, and maybe even a little misfortune as the wheel is quickly approaching. We can’t wait! More details to come tomorrow.

Peace out,


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