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75 and Still Making Memories

Sunday, July 9th, 2023
Here’s a mid-session message from Meg and Peter:
Dear Families,
Time at camp means many things to HVC campers… A break from busy schedules or the pressure to succeed in school, a chance to reunite with friends and make new ones, daily adventures that teach new skills and instill confidence, and more.
What we also see broadly – and camper-by-camper as well – is the emergence of a deeper sense of independence. This group has shown us that they are more than ready to grow into themselves, guided by the light touch of HV’s counselors and teaching staff… And they surely know how to have fun, as you have seen in our daily dispatches. Many thanks for sending your willing, creative children our way.
A final note before we turn things over to Hidden Valley’s amazing bloggers… The camp is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Campers are concentrating on the here-and-now and so we’re not making a big deal out of this anniversary. This summer’s T-shirt design, however, reminds us of the essence of the camp’s history: Since before the two of us were born, HVC has led the way, long valuing creative expression, inclusion and individual self-worth. All of us – campers and their folks, directors, staff and alums – are part of a history with deep lasting meaning.
– Meg and Peter
Now for our general camp updates 🙂
We are nicely settling into the second two weeks of camp with the second day of classes.
Last night’s dinner appetizer was some (not-so) delicious BABY FOOD!!! Campers, AWACS, and counselors indulged in and guessed the flavor of baby food but only the campers guessed the flavor correct!
Last night’s evening program was The Staff Talent Show!!! Counselors and AWACs brought their all and showed off their talents including song, dance, lip syncing, and an invisible bench. Along with the talent, the audience went on a journey with the MCs as they built a mall, had their mall torn down, got married, and time traveled to the year 2180.
Tonight is *drum roll please* THE WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE!!!!! This classic evening program is a game show competed in by campers with a horror show performed by counselors…buckle up! And be careful not to say the magic word… (Check back in tomorrow for pictures and a recap.)
So long,
The Dining Hall Dragon
P.S. Check out some pictures from Friday’s evening program, Kim and Reggie.
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