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Do You Believe in Magic?

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Hey, hi, hello! Alleycat here to chit chat about the latest Hidden Valley adventures.

Some highlights from last night’s evening program include Gus the Old Prospector as a cabin inspector, Taj Mahal’s inspirational thought of the day, Forbidden Planet’s gurus of uselessness revealed a bit of trivia.

Last night’s evening program was magical, to say the least… with the return of a HVC favorite, Peter Boie! Bunches of campers trotted up on stage and assisted Mr. Boie in his tricks and illusions! The riddle how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop was solved and successfully predicted, a straightjacket and thumb handcuffs were both broken out of, and much, much more. It was a quirky evening full of giggles and slight of hand!

This morning, one of the best interest groups in my humble opinion, was introduced… the sacrificing of cucumbers/pickles in Meg’s Planet! Every fifth period, Meg and Sarah “orbit” in the planet, which means they do a variety of spectacular activities, anything from fairy house making to croquet to going on a wild mushroom hunt. But today, oh today, they will be making their own pickles… and then eventually devouring them!

Some other interest groups of note this morning were drawing last night’s dreams, teaching the kittens to do cartwheels in the animal pen, marker fencing, the introduction of a chess tournament, and the ever popular Magic the Gathering/Pokemon games in the red barn. Since it’s a bit schvitzy today, a delightful reading circle will also take place in the red barn beside a glowing fire.

It’s the first day of classes and our new two weekers are cozy in their cabins and running around camp like they already own the place! The transition has been incredibly smooth and there are so many fun things on the agenda. Tonight’s evening program is Electives! A list of those activities as well as photos will follow tomorrow.

Until then, below are some photos from yesterday’s lazy day and this morning’s meeting! 

It’s been real..It’s been nice…It’s been real nice,

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