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Play of All Sorts!

Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Hi there, blog fans! Carolina Duckling here with so much to show and tell! I know I only hatched last spring, but I’ve already noticed that here at HVC, there are so many different ways for campers to shine. Yesterday was a busy, busy day, featuring the fruits of the hard work two groups of campers have put in over the whole four-week session. First was the camper-counselor basketball game, in which the camper team, who have been practicing together since the start of camp, showed off not only their considerable skill at the game, but also their cohesion and spirit as a team. They beat the counselors–including the always formidable Team X–by a score of 27-19. Also, there were popsicles for snack! The players’ friends and cabin-mates really enjoyed the opportunity for some afternoon refreshment while they watched the game.

And then last night was this session’s play, She Kills Monsters, which is the story of Agnes, who gets to know her sister, Tillie, over the distance of an unexpected separation through the game Dungeons & Dragons. As she follows the pages of a module Tillie created, Agnes meets Tillie’s friends, who have been cast as characters in the campaign, and learns more about her than Tillie ever shared in person. The cast, as well as the Backstage Ninjas who supported them, did a wonderful job of telling the story and bringing the magic and imagination of Dungeons & Dragons to life.

And finally, we have some pictures of classes at the lake and on the ropes course that were taken in the last couple days.

Enjoy – we all certainly have been!

Your faithful reporter,


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