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Classic Duo: Electives and Cabin Night :)

Monday, July 31st, 2023


Yesterday evening, we had a terrific time at Electives – see photos below! While a large group of campers participated in high-energy Capture the Flag games, others got busy with activities ranging from Just Dance, Knockout, campfire cooking and spa night to glass working and rock painting, dad jokes/soccer and a costume parade!

Today, we followed the inimitable aroma of bacon into the dining hall for an extra-smiley breakfast before diving into our sixth day of classes! Tonight, we’re looking forward to our second Cabin Night evening program lovingly organized by our creative counselors.

On a side note, there’ve been some quirky additions to our Interest Group lineup of late! Alongside staples like Mafia and frisbee, nail-painting and book club (in addition to the classic sports offerings and animal care), the backyard has recently hosted activities like ‘complimenting’, ‘complaining’ and ‘formally debating which cabin is superior’.

Today at the sandbox, there’s yet another special one: speculations about Junk Food Day!! With clues starting to appear at the dining hall window, the sugary spirit is in the air (and on our minds)…

All in good time,

H. V. Scribe



Glitz in the Schvitz + Fun in the Sun!!!

Sunday, July 30th, 2023

Hey there!

Yesterday evening, we had a fantastic time dancing, crafting and glamming it up at the snazzy Meg Gala inside the Rec Hall and surrounds. Though it may have been shvitzing, we were shimmering! (See photos below!)

This morning, some campers got up a smidge earlier than usual for the annual ‘Jake Day’ procedures (fondly named after our longtime videographer who’s currently here with us) – wherein each cabin gathered at the rec hall field to recite their cabin cheer and proclaim their cabin identities for the video camera, soon to be spirited clips mailed out to families in the winter! (The footage will also include morning and evening meetings to memorialize these merry days!) 

Afterwards, fueled by an always delightful Bagel Sunday breakfast, we commenced our fifth day of classes to the tune of sunny skies and breezy temps – yay 🙂

This evening, we’re getting hyped for a camper-favorite evening activity, Electives!! With this recurrent program, each camper has the chance to choose from a range of relaxing, active and crafty activities including Capture the Flag divided between younger and older halves, glass work with pro-staff, campfire cooking, spa night and much more. Watch out for footage tomorrow!

Hope everyone is swell (‘cuz all is so-well!),

H.V. Scribe





Trampin’ to the Meg Gala

Saturday, July 29th, 2023

Hi there!

Yesterday evening, we enjoyed a riveting folk song performance by Kim and Alistair, Reggie’s substitute while he’s on tour, which had all of camp swaying to the rhythms as well as singing, miming and dancing along to familiar and new tunes: a glorious sight it was 🙂

Today, the soulful vibes carried over into morning meeting when campers and staff joined in on Kim & Alistair renditions of a chicken-themed ditty and the moving chorus of ‘Trampin’.’


Immediately after, the swell and sunny day kicked off with our fourth day of classes if you can believe it! Meanwhile, this evening we’re gearing up our excitement and glam for – queue the applause – HVC’s very own Meg Gala!

At this Meg-inspired HVC spinoff of the iconic Met Gala, there will be paparazzi and fashion interviews, a photo booth and red carpet plus face-painting, beaded bracelet crafting and backyard frisbee. It’s bound to be epic – keep your eyes peeled for footage tomorrow!

Looking ahead, tomorrow will feature another Cabin Night during which cabins will get to cozy up, get active and everything in-between as we take full advantage of these enchanting, balmy summer nights with skies to match ✨


H. V. Scribe


A Water Filled Lazy Day!!!

Friday, July 28th, 2023

Hi from our first Laazy Daay!

After a busy three days of classes, we’ve been enjoying a sun, fun and water-filled day! Following a slightly late wakeup and delicious breakfast featuring croissants (in PJs for those so inclined), we popped back into our cabins for a cabin cleanup period where we also prepared for Cabin Inspections, for which a curious dinosaur and witch poked their heads into cabins and scoped out the pickings throughout rest period.

After, younger and older halves gathered in the backyard and rec hall field for splashy and wacky hydration-themed activities including watercolor painting, drip-drip-drop, balloon toss, an obstacle course, the bucket challenge and a hydrating shoe-toss game. The sun was intense, but our energy matched it!

Following a refreshing lunch spread (plus bread pudding) with plenty of cool drinks and rest period, campers headed poolside for the first of the always merry Pool Activities where all are free to frolic in the pool, read and make friendship-bracelets, play cards, chat and lounge about.

Later tonight, we can’t wait for a special evening program: Kim and Alistair, an alteration to the classic Kim and Reggie duo as Reggie is currently on tour, who will be sharing with us a fabulous folk music performance that has become a cherished HVC staple through the years.

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves as much as us!

Chat soon, 

H.V. Scribe


Photo cred @ Weather Guy (aka Zach)



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