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Did someone say camp food???

Monday, April 26th, 2021


Helloooo HVC folks, Hummingbird here! The weather is warming up in the Valley. Snow is melting to quench the thirst of our beautiful grasses and trees; flowers are slowly poking their heads out of their winter hiding places, looking toward the sun for nourishment; and Hamilton the pig is oinking around camp, on the hunt for bites of food he missed before the first snow. It’s Springtime and everyone seems to be hungry!! With summer around the corner I’m recalling all the delicious meals of the camp season…

Like Junk Food Day breakfasts of cereal and doughnuts with friends, lunches of hot dogs, and dinners of ravioli!!! My goodness does it make my heart flutter just to think of it!!

And Lobster Banquet, with spanakopita and lobster and chicken parmesan and mussels and potatoes!!! AND delectable salad!!! If I squint my eyes I can almost see the bags of all you can eat ice cream flying toward me, delivered by Meg in a cow costume!!!

Oooh! Ooh! Ooh!!! And the Wheel of Misfortune, when we get to eat out of diapers without our hands and get chocolate pudding and whipped cream all over our faces!!!! (Or stay clean if we want to!)

And good old weekly Lazy Day pizza dinner with all the toppings you could possibly want; there are meaty pizzas and cheesy pizzas and veggie-mania pizzas and gluten- and dairy-free pizzas!! There are even pineapple pizzas for those brave enough to try a slice!! Even my friends who don’t eat meat or gluten or dairy or nuts have DELICIOUS options for meals– why, they have a whole separate section devoted just to them every mealtime!

I know every day can’t be Junk Food Day or Lobster Banquet or a Lazy Day– golly I wish!! But even on a regular old camp day the food here in the Valley is something to write home about! Take for example everyone’s favorite dinner, Brie Pasta: scrumptious chunks of melty brie, slices of juicy tomato, and slivers of basil mixed delicately into a pan of tender pasta. The flavor lingers in my mouth for days after eating it, I find myself smacking my beak just trying to get another taste! Even now in April I’m dreaming of the next time I get to humbly fill my plate with that edible treasure!!

Oh gee, I’ve really worked myself into a tizzy thinking about all this delicious food I have to look forward to this summer. I think I’d better go find myself a snack.

Forever licking my plate,

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