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Fall-ing Leaves and Fall-ing Temps

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020
Hello All,
Peter and Meg here with a few glimpses of autumn life around HVC.
We’ve been here for 32 years and there’s never been a fall when the colors did not take us by surprise and delight us to no end.
And the place slows down and affords us a few treats including the fruits of the grape arbor at Planet Meg (our garden) and the zany life of the HVC animal kingdom which features our wandering alpaca, Pippen, and Hamilton, the pig who thinks he’s a llama. (Or maybe all the camelids are now convinced they are swine?!?)
Life goes on in this place and elsewhere. We know your school time is discombobulated – and that the adults reading this have discombobulation coming out of their ears! Have fun outdoors, think about camp, do something nice for someone, and all of you… Take care of yourselves!
We miss you…. Meg and Peter
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