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Cabin Night and The Crazy Auction! An Awesome Second Lazy Day

Monday, July 31st, 2017

“an outfit fit for the king of Hidden Valley” at the Crazy Auction!

Hey there, friends and fellows! Cara here, staying cool on this super hot Lazy Day and ready to report on the latest festivities. But first, a quick message from Alive, our teen program onsite, about what they’ve been up to recently.

Hello from Alive!

Down here in Deer Meadows things have been moving quickly! Barely a week in and our show is taking shape. When we are not writing the show, we’re growing as artists in tons of cool classes. We are exploring our artistic interests in video projection art, contemporary dance, drawing, music, embroidery and improv. We start our day with our own morning meeting where the highlights include “Galactic Fact of the Day,” “Gaby Does Performance Art,” “Song Lyric of the Day,” and “On This Day in History.” It’s not all classes and meetings, however. We get to leave camp and go on some amazing trips! Last week we went to Thompson’s Point in Portland to see Fleet Foxes in concert, and yesterday we went to the Celebration Barn Theatre to see the twin dance duo called the Wondertwins perform an avant-garde hip hop/robot performance. Over the next few weeks we’ll be learning about surrealism, art activism, nature art and found art, touring a few art exhibits around Maine, seeing a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and of course working on our show and getting ready for the performance!​

How awesome is that!? Luna and I can’t wait to see all of their hard work showcased in the Alive Show at the end of the session. Back on main camp, last night was Cabin Night. And boy, was it jam packed with amazing activities. Here’s what each cabin did:

LCH went for a swim in the pool

Loons swam in the lake and made s’mores

Wombles also went for a swim in the lake and made s’mores

Down Under made a music video

Avalon built a fort and did splatter painting at the tree house

Paquatahnee made sock puppets and stick bread

French 1/4 made memory tins and did M&M questions

Chateau Fiasco did glass fusing with Philippe and played basketball

Gimme Shelter made clay projects in the pottery studio

Shangri-La glazed their pottery projects and made s’mores at the glade

Treasure Island made survival bracelets, tie-dyed bandanas, and made s’mores

Atlantis made glass beads and hung out with the animals in the animal barn

Wabanaki camped out up at Tipis with Courtney F.

Camelot had some campfire fun

Valhalla roasted apples with cinnamon sugar over a campfire

Halley’s Comet went off camp to play mini golf in Camden

Forbidden Planet did “build n’ burn” at the end of the world

Taj Mahal made waffles

Whew! Just looking at that list makes me tired. Good thing we got to sleep in a bit on this super special Lazy Day. We woke up to a breakfast of muffins and scrambled eggs and headed off for a big cabin clean. Before we began today’s activities, everyone received a brand new Hidden Valley t-shirt. After our cabins were squeaky clean, the older half enjoyed a nice, long rest period followed by an early lunch so they could be on their way to the Bangor State Fair. HVA, who returned safely from their first adventure yesterday, also joined the older half on the trip. We’ll be sure to give you the full scoop on all the fair fun tomorrow.

Back on camp, the younger half gathered in the backyard for the Crazy Auction! Each cabin was given a list of odd items for them to bring back to our whacky MCs. After collecting, constructing, and preparing performances in our cabins, we met in the Rec Hall to present all of our items. The list included a Crazy Creek for a moose, an outfit fit for the king of Hidden Valley, a physical object to represent nothing, a human fidget spinner, the world’s smelliest shoes, an offering for the dining hall dragon, and the next fashion craze of 2080. It was so fun to see cabin groups working together in a creative and silly way.

After an outdoor lunch, the younger half went back to their cabins for rest period. Right now, everyone is hanging out by the pool for some afternoon activities while we wait for the older half to return from the fair. Any minute now, the younger half will be surprised with ice cream (!!!) the perfect treat on this warm, sunny day.

Once everyone is back on camp, we will all eat a yummy pizza dinner outside before heading over to the Rec Hall for a movie night! Luna and I are itching to know what the movie will be, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! For now, enjoy some pictures from Cabin Night, the Crazy Auction, and Alive!

Climbing away!

Cara B.

Smooth Sailing on Day Six! The Candy Drop, Staff Talent Show and Bagel Sunday

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

HVC’s first boy band made a big splash last night!

Hello hello, camp compadres! Cara here, feeling over the moon after the rush of excitement from yesterday evening’s candy drop.

As you may have heard from our late night news update, just as we were settling into evening meeting, a plane was heard overhead. A rumble this loud could only mean one thing; a plane flying low enough to ensure the proper trajectory for the long awaited CANDY DROP!! There were Hershey Kisses, Jolly Ranchers, Starbursts and more. All of the candy was collected by cabin groups to be distributed starting today at rest period- yes! After the drop, we gathered back at the Gazebo to read some notes written by the AWACs during candy sorting that were found taped to pieces of candy. Some of the notes left us puzzled but the AWACs couldn’t seem to stop laughing… eh, must be an AWAC thing. We also heard from previous candy droppers on staff about how it feels to be up in the plane, what camp looks like from the sky, and the perfect candy dropping techniques.

We finished up evening meeting and enjoyed a bbq chicken dinner outside before heading over to the Rec Hall for the Staff Talent Show. Sam and Lucy DZ MC’ed the night, playing the roles of two young Brits who had been set up on a date and had a number of activities to do for the first date. Sandia and Dario performed a song from the musical “In The Heights,” Mads and Sara performed a favorite One Direction hit, and there was even a performance from an HVC boyband. Some counselors danced the Awkward Macarana, the horse staff sang a familiar camp tune with a horse-y twist, and Joe did some awesome impressions, including Luke the counselor and Luke the dog. The Rec Hall was full of laughter and cheers for all of our wonderful and talented staff.

We are now getting on with our sixth day of classes on this warm and sunny Bagel Sunday. After breakfast, we enjoyed some dulcimer playing from Meg and Tom to start off morning meeting, as is Sunday tradition here at Hidden Valley. Later on, visiting former Program Director Betsy Stein Kelder presented Peter with an award from the American Camp Association. He was awarded for visionary trailblazing to ensure that all campers have a supportive environment for them to be themselves and thrive. We sure are lucky to have a home away from home here!

Tonight is Cabin Night, where campers will do a special activity with their cabin group. Luna and I can’t wait to see what each cabin gets up to. Tomorrow, we’ll be back with updates from Cabin Night as well as our second Lazy Day of the session! The older half will be going to the Bangor State Fair while the younger half stays back on camp for the Crazy Auction!

For now, here’s the rest of the photos from the Candy Drop, and some photos from the Staff Talent Show and the trip to Seahorse Stables that some campers from our Horse program went on.

Over and out!

Cara B.



Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Candy drop plane flying over the soccer field!

On this Saturday Caturday, at around 5:45 pm, the Candy Drop happened!

It’s me, Luna Bug, buzzing with so much excitement that I can hardly even report on the fact that the candy drop happened today!

We were all sitting at evening meeting, happy after Interest Groups, and going through our usual evening meeting hi jinx. Right as Iron Chef was called up, a low buzzing was heard in the background, and as it grew louder and louder everyone’s heads turned to the left and finally over the Farmhouse we saw it- the Candy Drop plane! Someone shouted “CANDY DROP!” and everyone got up and sprinted over to the soccer field. There were shirts used to catch candy, sheets and pillowcases taken out of backpacks, and even a candy catcher HAT specially made by a camper at HVC!

As everybody ran to the soccer field, we realized who was amiss- Celie and Moses! They were in the plane because it was their fourth years as counselors!

The plane, with Moses and Celie in it,  flew over the soccer field 5 times and dropped candy each time. It.was.awesome. Once aaall the candy was collected (the campers ensured that no piece was left behind) the counselors gathered up the stashes by cabin, and everyone headed back to the Backyard to take stock of the candy.

Wow! To think that on top of it being Saturday Caturday, and on top of it being Jake Day it was also THE CANDY DROP!

This has been an extra super duper special late night report brought to you by none other than Luna. Look below to see just a few photos from the plane, and one from the ground. Consider it a teaser before tomorrow when we’ll have loads more of everyone experiencing the candy drop!

Happy candy drop to all, and to all a goodnight!

Luna Bug

Saturday Caturday

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Fun with the kittens at the Zoo Dance!

What’s up, everybody? It’s me, Luna Bug, back for some more chat about everything HVC.

Last night we had the wacky and fun Zoo Dance over at the Rec Hall. Everybody got dressed up as their animal or zoo related character of choice, whether it be cat or lion or turtle or zoo keeper. There was tons of dancing with DJ Kaytee L. on the ‘pod, but if dancing wasn’t your thing there was a lot more activities for everyone to do. Among those activities there was also a Meet the Animals bunny circle/animal pen hang out, Foxes and Rabbits tag, animal charades, animal masks, face paint, Doggy Doggy Where’s Your Bone?, and an animal mural that everyone helped paint. It was a gorgeous evening for a semi indoor and semi outdoor dance, and the perfect way to end the 4th day of classes.

Today is the 5th day of classes, and we welcomed the day with Egg Bar! Everyone grabbed their plates, waited in line, grabbed some toast, ordered their eggs, and got not one, not two, but three potential pieces of bacon!

On top of it being the 5th day of classes it is also Jake Day today. Named after a former legendary counselor Jake Durett who revolutionized our video program at HVC, Jake Day is the day where each cabin gets a moment to line up at the base of tipi hill, sing a cabin cheer, and shout our names loud and proud! It is recorded and then compiled into a video that’s sent out to all the families and counselors in the middle of the winter to quell our camp-sick blues. The day got going bright and early with Lower Carriage House singing and chanting at 7am, and continuing on with the different cabins through breakfast.

And on top of it being the 5th day of classes and Jake Day, it is also Saturday Caturday! Today was the first of its kind, led by our counselor Joe. Plenty of cat garb was donned, and there was even a cat stuffed animal in attendance.

After all that buzz before and during breakfast, we settled into morning meeting to hear the usual announcements and songs to get our day going. Then, it was off to first period and another day of classes!

Tonight is the staff talent show which is going to be a super fun night of watching our very own counselors do usually impressive, sometimes ridiculous things. Rumor has it there’s a boy band in town…

Before you go, make sure to check out photos from today’s morning meeting and from the dance last night!

Smell ya later!


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