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Peace and Quiet with a Touch of Demolition

Thursday, September 1st, 2016
Clearing some space...

Clearing some space…

Hi there, friends! Olive Oyl here with a little post-camp update for you.

With the kiddos and staff gone, camp is at once quiet and bustling with activity. This year we are taking on the project of constructing a new office– be sure to check out photos of demolition and a model of the new plan. A small group of staff stayed a few days after staff departure to help with the office project and a few other crews around camp. There may have been some wielding of a sledgehammer, some expert maneuvering of the white truck and a rope, and some major relocation to the dining hall. Staff also worked on cleaning up our new campsite area in the woods of Deer Meadows. It was a quiet weekend and a lot was accomplished.

Other than noisy construction, camp is calm and peaceful. Many of the animals remain and I’m sure are enjoying the peace and quiet. Dexter is wandering around more than usual and the mini ponies are hanging out as they do. Be sure to enjoy the photos of a nearly empty camp and check back in soon for more updates as construction progresses!

Enjoy the long weekend and best of luck to all going back to school shortly!




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