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It Has Begun!

Friday, May 27th, 2016
Our might fine dock crew!

Our might fine dock crew!

Hey Guys!
      Long time no talk, It’s Boo Radley here. It’s been a while since I’ve written but I promise I’m still a trustworthy Hidden Valley source and I’ve got updates for you!
      It’s been an eventful few days around here at HVC. Fifteen 2016 staff members have arrived, four horses have made their way to the horse barn, a family of woodchucks has moved in under Forbidden Planet, and one lone chipmunk has been spotted racing through the office. In case we’d forgotten, camp is home to people and animals of all shapes and sizes. Although the chipmunk’s housing may have to be relocated.
      On top of all that activity, we’ve been working hard to get camp rolling. On Wednesday we had a mighty fine crew of five getting some docks out into the lake. Their hard work enabled all of us to head down to the lake yesterday afternoon and cool off. Some spent their time lounging on the docks sunbathing, others dove in an enjoyed the cool but pleasant May water. I personally just dangled my feet off the dock and watched Luke the dog chase stick after stick (sometimes thrown by himself).
      Our new horse staff has been getting lay of the land up at the horse barn. Yesterday they had a mock lesson taught by Robin, who’s returning to cam for her fifth summer. Soon the horse staff will be inviting the rest of us up their for mock lessons! We’ll see if I’m brave enough to give it a shot, horses have never been my thing. But who knows, camp is the place to give new things a try!
      Luckily we snagged some photos of all these events for you; docks, the swim, and the mock riding lessons. We hope you’re all enjoying the end of May as much as we are! Our arrival day countdown has surely begun (30 days till first session…!)
See you all soon!
Boo Radley

Bright Days Ahead!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
Mmm... spring has sprung!

Mmm… spring has sprung!

Well folks, spring has sprung and I’m here to tell you all about it!

At HVC, the warm weather doesn’t just mean colorful flowers in bloom and sunshine, but one of our favorite HVC friends, Bongo the Bear has come out of winter hibernation! Make sure to check out Bongo soaking up some rays in the front yard and taking time to smell the flowers. Spring emerging also means we’re just a little bit closer to getting another amazing summer underway!

In just a few weeks, staff will start trickling in to get started on their various trainings and prepare for the arrival of the most important part of camp…the campers!!! I’ll be keeping you updated in the coming weeks as lifeguards spend their days at the lake, new staff get the run-down on HVC life, and we brainstorm fun cabin themes. I, personally, can’t wait!

Springtime at camp also means some much-needed beauty time for the llamas! This time of year they get haircuts to keep cool in the warmer months, in addition to getting special llama “pedicures” (which in llama world is just as glamorous as the real thing in a beauty salon). Take a peek at the photos to see our llama beauty queens!

That’s all for now, friends! For all those in school, congrats on making it through the year and good luck with the final weeks. We can’t wait to see you so soon!

Yours truly,

Olive Oyl

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