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Looking back on the Wheel: Part II

Monday, March 28th, 2016


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Olive Oyl here with part two of our Wheel series, where we remember and re-live a camp classic.

With the first day of spring ushering in snow to Maine, and still a few more months until summer break, it makes sense if we’re feeling a little gloomy on this Monday. So how about taking a study break or moment to relax and laugh looking back at fun times at HVC?

Be sure to check out all of the wacky photos below and see if you can identify what challenge a brave camper was undertaking or maybe who’s hiding behind Gruesome’s mask? (we’ll never know!).

From counselors covered from head to toe in clay, to protesting protests, to more pies in the face than we can keep track of, the wild shenanigans of the wheel can only happen at one very special place, HVC.

Who remembers the Disney Villains theme from a few summers ago? See if you can pick out Ursula and Cruella in the pics. What about the Salem Witch Trials from 2014…or last year’s very scary Cannibal Island? Can you find the Haunted Hooneymoon secretary awaiting your entrance to the Rec Hall?

Regardless of theme, what all wheels do have in common is a lot of pie, a lot of grossness, and a lot of fire. Maybe you can find your favorite siblings partaking in the familial act of the sibling floss, see a flying water balloon fall from the Hilton roof, or see the wonder in the eyes of a camper picking their prize, knowing that they get to shave the head or give a makeover to their favorite counselor.

Flip through and find your favorite moments, and enjoy some goofiness on this Monday afternoon! Hope to see you all in just a few short months at Hidden Valley…

Lots of love,


Winter Got You Down? Time for Remembering the Wheel: Part I

Friday, March 4th, 2016


Hi there, friends! Olive Oyl here with a little sunshine to brighten up the last cold vestiges of winter.

While we’re busy going about our outside-of-camp lives at school or work or across the world, it can sometimes become easy to forget about all the incredible, wacky, and hilarious things that happen at camp. To get you all even more excited about camp (which is only a few months away, by the way, happy March!), attached are loads of awesome photos from “Wheels” from over the years– spanning themes from Disney Villians to an Island full of Cannibals, to a Haunted Honeymoon, the Salem Witch Trials, and more.

See if you can guess what’s happening in these goofy pictures– “WHAT are they eating?” “Is something on fire?” and “NOT THE HAIR!!!” may be some thoughts running through your head. See if you can pick out camp classics like sibling flossing, the “poopy” diaper, and pies upon pies for the magic word.

Stay warm, folks, and tune in soon for more “wows!” in Part II of Remembering the Wheel!

Over and out,


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