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Camp is Full of Surprises!

Sunday, January 18th, 2015
Surprise fireworks!

Surprise fireworks!

Greetings and salutations! Olive Oyl here wishing everyone in the HVC family a happy new year!

Deep in the thralls of winter, it’s nice to think of camp– not just remembering days cooling off by the lake, but all those special moments that are sprinkled into a summer at Hidden Valley.

While classes are tons of fun, Lazy Days offer a nice break to either get off camp and do something new or relax and try something new on camp! A favorite trip is roller skating, where some old pros show off their moves on the floor and other conquer their fear of skating for the first time. Either way, there’s always someone to lend a hand when you (inevitably) fall on your bottom. Another awesome trip is Acadia National park, where the Tipis group voyages every year to hike amidst some beautiful scenery.

Evening programs are also full of surprises! The performance of the musical at the end of the session (last year we had Alice in Wonderland first session and Shrek second session) always blows us away– amazing acting, dancing, and singing that is hard to believe comes together in only a few short weeks. Another evening program that leaves everyone speechless is our visit by a magician. Just the right amount of spooky and plenty of laughs are always guaranteed. An evening program that’s not so planned are the surprise fireworks (check out the awesome photo below!) on Deer Meadows field. The show is always majestic and spectacular–not to mention the fact that it’s a comes as a surprise to everyone!

While some camp events completely take us by surprise, some drop clues that we can speculate on. When camp meeting is in a different spot, there’s a possibility that a favorite event might be happening…baby food contest! Campers, AWACs, and counselors are all selected to taste-test baby food and guess the correct flavor. And someone always gets the unfortunate “big spoon” and even more unfortunate wheelbarrow. There’s always tons of laughs and tons of silly guesses as to what the prunes flavor actually is.

And how could we forget the biggest camp surprise of all? The Candy Drop!!! While hints are dropped throughout the summer and some sport shirts with the top reasons that the candy drop is today, it’s always a true mystery. We never know it’s happening until we hear the buzz of that plane over evening meeting and see all of the PDs stop in their tracks. Well-prepared with backpacks and pillowcases, campers rush to soccer field to witness the truly unbelievable: candy falling from the sky.

Well, these are just some of our favorite camp surprises that come throughout the summer between the day to day of swim class, pottery, horseback riding, or whatever other awesome classes campers choose to take (which are also often full of fun surprises!). We’ll be thinking of these warm memories during this cold time…

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