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Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Monday, December 23rd, 2013


Season’sĀ greetings, friends!

Special Reporter Olive Oyl here with your Hidden Valley (holiday) update!

Well, winter has definitely arrived in Maine! There have been many chilly moments where the thermometer’s hit below zero…brrr!!! Just the other day it was -9 in the morning…not a great incentive to get out of bed and start your day! But that hasn’t stopped Peter and Meg! They trekked through the snow and skied all the way up to the Community House (be sure to check out the photo below)! There’s already been a lot of snow and definitely more on the way. Make sure to click on the photos…it’s pretty amazing to see camp transform from a green and sunny place in the summertime to a crisp and white wonderland in the winter. Hard to believe that before we know it, all the snow will be melted and kids will be rolling (not sledding!) down Tipi Hill once again. But for now, we’re enjoying the cold weather and all the fun that it brings!

Wishing you happy holidays from everyone at HVC.

Ho ho ho,


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