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Reunited and It Feels So Good: Reunion Weekend in NYC!

Monday, November 18th, 2013


Hello, Hidden Valley Friends! Special reporter Olive Oyl here eager to share some news. We’ve just returned from a fabulous weekend in New York City where we reunited with camp friends and reminisced about summer days, which in this month’s chilly weather, now seem so long ago… Despite the time that has passed, friendships remained as if yesterday were the Candy Drop.There were screams, hugs, smiles, and lots of laughter as summer friends shared their first hug in a few months. It was such a treat to see everyone in their winter clothes and exchange back-to-school stories. Once we started singing camp songs and cabin cheers, it was almost like we were back in the warm sunshine of Freedom, Maine. It’s amazing how instantly we can reconnect with our Hidden Valley family, no matter how many months have gone by or what season it is. We look forward to many more reunions and in the future and especially look forward to the best reunion of all, next summer! Be sure to check out some awesome photos of fun times in NYC!

Sincerely yours, Olive

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