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Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Candy drop plane flying over the soccer field!

On this Saturday Caturday, at around 5:45 pm, the Candy Drop happened!

It’s me, Luna Bug, buzzing with so much excitement that I can hardly even report on the fact that the candy drop happened today!

We were all sitting at evening meeting, happy after Interest Groups, and going through our usual evening meeting hi jinx. Right as Iron Chef was called up, a low buzzing was heard in the background, and as it grew louder and louder everyone’s heads turned to the left and finally over the Farmhouse we saw it- the Candy Drop plane! Someone shouted “CANDY DROP!” and everyone got up and sprinted over to the soccer field. There were shirts used to catch candy, sheets and pillowcases taken out of backpacks, and even a candy catcher HAT specially made by a camper at HVC!

As everybody ran to the soccer field, we realized who was amiss- Celie and Moses! They were in the plane because it was their fourth years as counselors!

The plane, with Moses and Celie in it,  flew over the soccer field 5 times and dropped candy each time. It.was.awesome. Once aaall the candy was collected (the campers ensured that no piece was left behind) the counselors gathered up the stashes by cabin, and everyone headed back to the Backyard to take stock of the candy.

Wow! To think that on top of it being Saturday Caturday, and on top of it being Jake Day it was also THE CANDY DROP!

This has been an extra super duper special late night report brought to you by none other than Luna. Look below to see just a few photos from the plane, and one from the ground. Consider it a teaser before tomorrow when we’ll have loads more of everyone experiencing the candy drop!

Happy candy drop to all, and to all a goodnight!

Luna Bug

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