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What a Talented Staff!!

Sunday, July 5th, 2015


Hello, dear humans! This is Humming Bird here! We had a spectacular night of staff talent last night, at our Staff Talent Show! Picture this! The scene opens on our fabulous MCs, Sequoia and Alex, dressed in leaf garb (see the picture below!) and opening up their Talent Talk Show, greeting their audience, and introducing the first act, HVC’s very own, THE GAZEBOYS!!!!! (Get it? Like our gazebo! But a boy band!) The Gazeboys had our audience screaming in their seats, and set the stage for the rest of our acts! We had singing and dancing and juggling, oh my!!

Elise did some fabulous sock puppet musical ventriloquism, John put on 5 bowties and a tie to the tune of The Final Countdown, and Paul made minute rice in a microwave onstage, IN ONLY 58 SECONDS!!! As you can clearly tell, we have some very talented staff members here at Hidden Valley, and they graciously shared their skillz with our enthusiastic campers!

Evening Meeting last night was full of Candy Drop conspiracies… even our Promos class advertised an upcoming candy schvitz! Promos is one of our classic classes here at camp, during which campers come up with a skit to promote upcoming evening programs! Last night’s promo informed us of tonight’s Cabin Night Activities, which we will update you on tomorrow!! But the main focus of the Promo was an in depth description of what happens during a Candy Drop, like the maddening torture of hearing an airplane fly over camp during meeting, and getting our hopes up so high, only to realize that it’s not even the Candy Plane!! Please excuse me… I’m getting a little choked up over here.

*Several boxes of tissues later•

All better! In addition to Promos, we had a tough competition in our Iron Chef display last night! The secret ingredient was (drum roll please!!) ONIONS! One group made an onion dip with chips, and the other group made onion scrambled eggs! Our favorite Grandma Nut and her loyal pooch Bartholamu judged the competition and it was a close call! But ultimately Bartholamu woofed at the eggs!

Our dinner last night was made by our Korean campers! We’re going to post pictures of the beautiful spread later on today, so do keep your eyes peeled!!

Meeting this morning was hosted in the front yard instead of the backyard… It reminded me of something I read in the Eleven Top Ten Candy Drop Clues. Doesn’t it say that Meeting in a different spot on camp is a sign of the Candy Drop? Olive Oyl just confirmed. Curious, isn’t it?

Judging by the wind patterns and weather forecast, and the number of blades of grass we counted in the yard this morning, The Super-Official Olive Oyl Humming Bird Candy Drop Probability Rating of the Day is 89.3%!

I’m off to look for some Candy Clouds. Stay alert, friends, and keep a pillow case ever in your crazy creek! And don’t forget to check back later for more info about our Korean dinner!

Humming Bird

PS: Here’s a Community Spotlight! Our Community campers spent Friday at the Mill School, hanging out with kids and building an Earth Loom! What’s an Earth Loom? Well, it’s a giant wooden loom, through which you can weave flowers and plants, and it acts as a symbol of community and friendship. In addition to the Mill School Earth Loom, Community is going to build one for our main camp. What a beautiful addition that will be for everyone here at Hidden Valley!

Yesterday, the Community crew ambled through a delightful Maine Farmer’s Market, followed by a trip to the Unity Raceway today! Tonight, they will be hosting the Wombles Wondergirls at Blodgett for a jubilant cabin night!

Special community gallery for today! Check out all their amazing work at the Mill School!

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