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Our runners Peter, Danica, Nicole and Billy.

Hi everyone! Curly Q back in action to report tonight’s happenings at HVC.

Drumroll please…tonight campers got to experience the WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE!
The wheel is one of HVC’s staples, rivaling the candy drop. For campers not so amused by the chaos that is the wheel, the Princess Bride was being shown! What a great movie!!
The theme for this year’s wheel was a mix between the modern day Maze Runner and the classic Pan’s Labyrinth. Campers and staff alike waited with bated breath to see whether or not any of the unlucky runners would survive the grasps of the evil queen.
Spoiler alert! Our very own Danica was the sole survivor tonight.
Campers yelled and cheered with excitement as Danica defeated the evil queen and escaped the maze.
More importantly, campers participated in a series of challenges in an attempt to win prizes from counselors. Some of these prizes include being serenaded or having a pool party during rest period!
What did the campers have to do to win these prizes you might ask?
They had to search for keys in a mystery bucket, bob for eyeballssmell counselor’s armpits and guess who they were smelling, clean a dirty diaper without hands, and siblings flossed each other’s teeth to name a few.
Overall a very successful Wheel of Misfortune!
Thanks for reading and we’ll keep you updated about tomorrow’s lazy day!
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