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Water, Water Everywhere!

Thursday, June 30th, 2016


Hi friends! It’s Olive Oyl, back for a special guest appearance on this beautiful (and wet) Trip/Lazy Day!

But first off, let’s talk about our awesome Electives last night. We had our classics like glass beads, Capture the Flag, baking cookies, and pool activities. We also had some new things like a Murder Mystery in the Dining Hall and Light Painting. Dani did glass fusing, we had some charades and improv games, and went for a hike. Despite a little bit of wetness, it was still a successful night that ended in some good ol’ Princess Pat in Rec Hall before heading off to bed.

This morning, our younger half went to nearby Lake St. George for a day of fun in the sun. There’s a lovely playground, counselors doing frisbee and guitar and reading circles, and of course, the delicious lake to cool off for a dip! The sun is shining and there’s just enough of a breeze that it’s the perfect beach kind of day. Our younger half will be arriving on camp shortly and head over to their cabins for a super cabin clean and rest period. We’ll see what that wacky inspectors have discovered at evening meeting!

Our older half had a little bit of a sleep in and lazy morning with a super cabin clean after breakfast. Afterwards, we gathered in the backyard for the beginnings of our Water Balloon Extravaganza! There was a camp-wide scavenger hunt to collect water balloons before we met back up again to split into two teams and construct forts for the battle. It was a good and fair fight and the perfect way to cool off on a sunny morning. Older half is now heading back for their post-lunch rest period before going to pool activities this afternoon.

And this evening older and younger half will reunite once again for evening meeting, dinner, and the moment we’ve all been waiting for…Kim and Reggie! They just pulled into camp and will be doing workshops with two lucky cabins, Wabanaki and Shangri-La. We can’t wait to hear the amazing music they have in store!

That’s all for now, folks. Be sure to check out the cool photos of Water Balloon Day and Electives from last night!



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