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There She Was Just A-Walkin’ Down the Street

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Hello, hi there, how you doin’, HVC friends and fam? Things are going swimmingly here!

Yesterday was yet again… Aloha Tuesday. A counselor was honored at evening meeting by the ukulele class. There was a flower lei, some nice strumming of ukes, and giggles. Some more Wheel of Misfortune prizes were also handed out and cabins will be claiming them throughout the week, either at meetings or during rest period.

Last night, campers danced through the decades at the Decades Dance! The soundtrack to the evening was everything from Cotton Eyed Joe to Don’t Stop Believin’ to Can’t Hold Us Down to Grease to Tubthumping to I Knew You Were Trouble. Costumes ranged in time-frame from the 1890’s to the future 2120! Some stellar activities included hula hooping, face painting, Globetrotter basketball, 1980’s aerobics, and more.

In other news, there is now a giant raku fire pit on main camp. Counselors and campers dug a hole, treated the pottery, and then puts them inside of the hole to fire it. It’s a kiln in the ground! Awesome.

Today is the first day of new minis! So when campers signed up for period classes, if they so chose, they were able to pick two activities they would be able to do those two weeks. For example, the first four days might have been Lake Adventures, but now is glass beads!

It’s a simply glorious day here. The Weather Guy’s predicted 10/10 seems to coming true! The b-e-a-u-tiful Pollock string quartet leaves us today. It has been fantastic having their smiling faces around, as well as their incredible performances. There are so many different musical instruments around camp, but violin and cello are two that I have not heard here until this week… and it’s been so great. We wish them the safest travels!

Later on tonight is cabin night… and the feeling’s right… oh yes, it’s cabin night, oh what a night (oh, what a night). And I’ve heard whispers of some really original ideas for what will ensue, it will surely be a night to remember!

Here is the 3rd Hidden Valley podcast, where they interview arts classes teachers and students:


and check out some photos:

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