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The Weekend Update

Saturday, June 8th, 2019

HAPPY SATURDAY!! Hummingbird here with your Weekend Update with your hosts, Michael Che-Llama and Llama Jost…. AND LIVE FROM MONTVILLE IT’S SATURDAY… DAY!!! Let’s take a look around…

Thursday evening counselors enjoyed staff training Llamapalooza, with all our favorites like booty box, obstacle course, elephant walk, balloon-kitten-catching, rock-tree-bridge, Tic-Tac-Toby, and charades! Yesterday and today we have continued with more area training for the horse fanatics, ropes-y people, swimmers, and video folk before meeting together in the Dining Hall for TRIVIA!! It was a wild, raucous, candy-filled, minute-to-win-it-challenge-dance-party-madness-y event, check out the photos! Tonight we’ll all gather in our cabin groups for CABIN NIGHT! Stay tuned- it should be pretty silly!

For now, this has been your weekend update!

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