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The Sun Is Up, The Sky Is Blue, It’s Beautiful and So Are You!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
Hey, friends! Olive Oyl here with your Hidden Valley update on this gorgeous day of clear skies and a bright and shining sun! After yesterday’s awesome trip to the Bangor State Fair (which brought home many cabin goldfish and even a giant banana) and Under the Sea Day, campers are relaxed and excited to get back to their penultimate day of classes. Classes will get a chance to show off on Sharing Night, which is tomorrow night’s evening program, before a new batch of classes start up on Thursday. On Thursday we will also be welcoming our new two week campers and cabins have begun preparing making welcome signs and bunk tags…how exciting!

The fair was loads of fun, with campers getting a chance to do a little shopping, win some prizes, and eat yummy snacks (cotton candy and fried dough were some favorites). We all gathered together in the Rec Hall last night sporting our PJ’s and pillows for movie night, which was “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”. Everyone had lots of laughs and enjoyed the classic Laziest of Lazy Days evening program. Tonight’s evening program, Bazzinga, is sure to bring a little more excitement, with counselors switching cabins and doing lots of fun activities with their new campers. Which counselors will go where? What games will be played? All of these mysteries will be revealed tonight at Bazzinga!

It’s time for a little teen update! The Apprentices had a full day yesterday- their morning started with a late wake up and then they cooked their own breakfast…yum! The teen bunch then started planning their group project, which is a sun dial, which is sure to be both beautiful and functional! The group also cooked their own lunch, then biked down to Waterfall Arts, which is down the road from Blodgett House. They were given a tour of the Montville facilities and went swimming in the waterfall- awesome! For dinner, the teens headed into Belfast for a new experience- Thai food, which was a hit among everyone. Over on the other side of camp, the Alive program was also up to lots of fun stuff yesterday! The group went up to Tipi Hill, where they worked on making crop circles, which they documented with time lapse photography. While atop Tipi Hill, some also got a ride on the zip line- woohoo! Last night the group watched PBS’ Art 21, which chronicles artists in the 21st century. Tonight they’ll be doing their Alive talent show, which is sure to be amazing as the teens get a chance to show off their creative side.

Tomorrow marks the last day of classes and sharing night, which is always incredible to see the work that has been produced in just two short weeks. Until then, we’re enjoying a break from the rain on this beautiful and sunny day…hopefully the sun decides to stay for a while!

Be sure to some photos from the fair and the lazy day!

Peace and love,


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