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The Lobster’s Rolling, the Ball is Rolling!

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Our awesome AWACs and ARPs!

Good morning, one and all! Olive Oyl reporting for duty with lots of exciting news for you!

Last night we had our very first camp meeting and lobster banquet of the summer season! Meg got us started with the grand reveal of her pickles and we got the interest group gang up there as well as the classics like thought du jour, weather guy, and ropes. After meeting we all chowed down on lobster, chicken parm, spanikopita, salad, and potatoes. For dessert we opted for ice cream cake in lieu of the traditional pints of Ben & Jerry’s because believe it or not, the truck got stuck in Vermont! Not to fret, we’ll make sure we get our shipment in time for the campers. And despite the change in ice cream, Meg still delivered in her cow suit along with her sidekick Sandia.

With full bellies, we made our way to the bottom of Tipi Hill to start our staff Pine Grove. We walked up in silence by the light of a torch and came together amongst the Pine Trees to do all the camp classics like bo-diddley-bop, the Jellyfish, and the Penguin song. Our former campers started us off with Rise Up Oh Flame, and then we sang some other old favorites like the Circle Game and Peter and Meg’s round, Oh How Lovely is the Evening. It was beautiful night and we can’t wait to be back up there in a few days time with the campers.

Today we’re finishing up our final training sessions and priorities before our counselors go deep into cabin prep. This morning we’ll be cleaning our cabins and getting inspections by the PDs before heading off to lunch. And then this evening we’ll have cabin prep night, where we make bunk tags, cubby tags, shower charts, and chore wheels, all revolving around our glorious and unique themes.

Here they are!

Burrow: Bunnies

Down Under: Rainbows

French 1/4: Shellakybookys (snails in Irish slang)

Paquatahnee: Aquatahnee

Gimme Shelter: Down the Rabbit Hole

Wabanaki: Under Water Wabanaki

Fiddler’s Green: Beans

Valhalla: Vines

Camelot: Camels

Shangri-La: Sea Monarchs

Taj Mahal: Theater

Haley’s Comet:  Mythical Creatures

Loons: Undercover Robots

Wombles: Dragons and Knights

Avalon: Allstars

LCH: Superheroes

Bermuda: Cruisers

Chateau Fiasco: Onomatopoeia  (ex: POW! CRASH! RING!)

Forbidden Planet: Four Hidden Prawns (a scavenger hunt that will take place throughout the session)

Deer Meadows: Oscillating names (names will change throughout the summer)

Some cabins have already acquired a camper or two and more will be trickling in throughout the day, with our international group of Korean and Japanese campers arriving late this evening. AWACs and campers who have already arrived will be helping with cabin prep just in time for tomorrow. Woohoo! Our NYC chaperones have already started their journey and we can’t wait to see them back in about 24 hours with a whole busload of campers!

As lobster banquet marks the end of staff week, our video crew has put together an AMAZING video of all our training, hard work, and fun!

Check it out right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAjjQ-BoRRI

In the meantime, enjoy lots of photos of last night’s festivities and I’ll talk to you soon!



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