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The Last Lazy Day: Adventuring into Adulting and a Big Day Bowling!

Monday, July 17th, 2017

Bowling fun!

Howdy doo dah day! Luna Bug buzzing in from the dark side of the moon!

Last night we headed into this lazy day with a fantastic sharing night. We had three separate ukulele classes, a singing class, contemporary dance, hip hop, knitting, performance art, animal care, Irish Dance, sketch comedy, snack-tractor, guitar, tap, American Sign Language, cooking, Stomp, guitar, creative writing, and Where the Wild Things Are all come up and share or perform something. It was quite a night.

Today was the last Lazy Day of the session today, and we had coffee cake to get it going, and a gorgeous blue sky all day to accompany it. The younger half went glow bowling and it was incredibly fun. The campers and counselors played 6 to a lane, and they got through a couple of games. As a snack, everybody got a soda and french fries! Woohoo!

Back on main camp, the older half had a very successful Adulting Day. There was Make Your Adult Persona Backstory, a mock job interview, How to Network With Emily, How to Sew a Button, Relay Race Table Setting, Restaurant Reservations 101, and the NYTimes Crossword Puzzles and Sudoku station. Finally, we had a skill of the day wheel which included things like how to properly iron and how to tie a tie. These stations were conducted Interest Groups style, meaning that the older half campers were hanging out in the backyard and they could choose which stations they wanted to go to and when!

On top of all of these skills, there was a modified life sized version of The Game of Life incorporated into each station. At each station, the counselors running it had little cards like “Send Your Kids to HVC” or “Get a Job as ____.” The campers were encouraged to collect as many cards as possible throughout the course of the day by doing the different skills and activities. At the very end, the cabin with the most cards got a special prize, one that fit the theme of Adulting Day. And what do adults love most? Tax breaks! Just kidding- Coupons! At the end, Camelot was the cabin with the most life cards. The prize? A coupon for one extra item at the chocolate fountain on Fair Day! Oooo….Aaaaaah!

Right now, the older half is at pool activities and the younger half is at rest period after a big morning, followed by a big ole cabin clean to get ready for packing day in a few days. After these events, everybody will meet in the backyard for evening meeting, and then dinner outside as is tradition on lazy days, and then the evening program: A Very Potter Musical!

While this whole lazy day has been going, Fair Day prep has been well under way. The Poop Shoot is on the move, and tables are as well in order to accommodate the ice cream and hot dogs to come…

Check below for photos from glow bowling and Adulting day, as well as some awesome pics from last night’s Sharing Night. We also have some pictures from the camper/counselor basketball game in case you wanted to see everybody in action!

Over and out!


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