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The End Is Near, But Lobster Awaits…

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
Chocolate fountain!

Chocolate fountain!

Hey there, HVC-ers! Special Reporter Olive Oyl here with your Packing Day update!

First off, we finished Fair Day off right with a fabulous outdoor dance! We hung out in the backyard, got our groove on, and jammed out to Don’t Stop Believin’, our favorite final song of the evening. We then headed to bed for a lovely night’s sleep, thanks to a late breakfast this morning.

After enjoying delicious hash browns and the egg bar, we had our epic camp meeting! We got the run-down on packing tips and a preview of what our busy day and tomorrow morning look like. We also had our usual (although final) meeting standards, like Thought du Jour and Spirit Animal, where they summoned the spirit of packing, and even placed a camper in a trunk briefly. Hilarious as always! We also picked up our valuables, art projects, and lost and found items to be packed away. After collecting all that we’ve created over the summer, we headed over to our cabins for packing and super cleaning. After we found millions of missing socks under bunks, aired out our mattresses, and cleaned our cubbies, we headed over to lunch. We filled up on sausage, mac and cheese, onion rings, and salad bar.

This afternoon we enjoyed a final cabin activity, where we got one last chance to bond and reminisce with our cabin mates and counselors. Wombles did an egg drop at the Tree House and Avalon teamed up with Chateau Fiasco for a creek walk (while serenaded by guitar!). LCH decorated t-shirts and Loons played water polo down at the lake. Bermuda Triangle had fun at the ropes course, doing the cargo net and zip line. Wabanaki played around with the famous potato canon and sling shot in Deer Meadows field. Forbidden Planet got to voyage off camp for a little ice cream down at the Cool Spot in Belfast. Down Under girlies decorated t-shirts and went on Tipi Zip and the Burrow worked on their very on HVC activity book. Paquatahnee had a dance party and French Quarter made dream catchers. Fiddler’s Green got their groove on, at cupcakes, and had a yarn circle. Shangri-La signed plates and decorated pillow cases. Camelot, Der Meadows, Halley’s Comet, and Taj all did warm photos, where each person in the cabin signs and then gets to keep a cabin photo.

We’re currently doing the big luggage move, where trunks and duffels are moved from cabins onto tarps organized based on travel plans tomorrow so that we’re all set to load up bright and early tomorrow morning! While packing and moving is not the most fun, we have a lot to look forward to this evening. After evening meeting we’ll have our very famous lobster banquet, complete with fresh seafood (of course), and chicken and vegetarian options for our non-fish-loving friends. To top it all off, we’ll have pints upon pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! Yum, yum, yum! We’ll then head up to Pine Grove where we’ll share stories, songs, and poems to commemorate and conclude our amazing month here at Hidden Valley. It’s truly been a fantastic summer full of smiles, goofiness, creativity, friendship, and kindness. We’re sad to see many go, but so happy of all we’ve accomplished in just four short weeks.

With the session winding down, it’s time for me and the Lady of the Lake to take a brief hiatus as we enjoy some time off as camp transitions to second session. It’s been a pleasure being your correspondants this summer and we look forward to another busy session of awesome news and photos!

Until we meet again,



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