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The Dance, Junk Food Day, and Jake Day! Oh My!

Saturday, August 1st, 2015


HELLO, HELLO, HELLO!! It’s a beautiful day here at camp, and do you know why?? I’ll tell you! IT’S JUNK FOOD DAY!!! Humming Bird and Cat Nap here with pictures and words to update y’all on this SWEET day!! (“Hahaha! That’s a knee slapper…” – Humming Bird, “Stop it, Humming Bird, that was dumb” – Cat Nap)

What on Earth is Junk Food Day? I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Junk food day is the beautiful day that comes once a session, when all the healthy food in the dining hall is magically replaced with JUNK FOOD!! For breakfast we enjoyed a gourmet display of donuts, pop tarts and sugary cereals (don’t worry, parents, there were eggs and fruit as well!) For lunch we will be dining on fluffernutter sandwiches (peanut butter and marshmallow fluff) and hot dogs (there will also be salad for campers who wish to opt out of the junk food mayhem) and at dinner we will settle in for a yummy meal of ravioli!

But the food here isn’t all junk!! Last night, for example, our exquisite kitchen staff cooked us a yummy southern-style meal of barbeque chicken, corn bread, collard greens, and salad, with a vegetarian option of barbeque tempeh!

Not only is today Junk Food Day, but it’s also JAKE DAY!! WHAT ON EARTH IS JAKE DAY, HUMMING BIRD?? Well, I will tell you!! Jake day is a magical day when the Video Staff takes– you guessed it!– video of every single cabin performing their cabin cheer! Cabins sit in front of Tipi Hill, shout out their cheers, and then they go down the line and everyone says their name super loud! “And what is all this fabulous footage used for, Humming Bird and Cat Nap?” Well, at the end of the session, a wonderful guy named Jake takes all this footage, and creates a digital yearbook that every camper will receive in the mail in December!! It will include footage of our Meetings, our evening programs, and our Trip/Lazy Days, in addition to every cabin’s cheers and names!! It’s a wonderful reminder of our time at camp, so look out for it in December!!!

Last night was the Super Heroes and Villains Dance!! Cat Nap and I joined our campers and got our faces painted, practiced our evil laughs at the laugh station, went through an obstacle course to keep up our litheness, and did some target practice at the basketball court!! Check out pictures of all the evil antics we got up to!!

Cat Nap and I are off to hunt for more donuts!! Tune back in tomorrow for more Junk Food Day pictures!!

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

PS: Check out some pictures below of the apprentices practicing their glass blowing!

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