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Saturday, July 25th, 2015
Meg meeting with our Fiddlers Green staff!

Meg meeting with our Fiddlers Green staff!

Hello, hello!! Camp is really HUMMING with excitement today! I, Humming Bird, am here to give a few brief updates on this lively time at camp!

As you know, today is our second session Arrival Day!! We will have some more pictures and information about that once all our campers have finally arrived, later this evening. For now check out a few preliminary photos of the fun activities we have going on around camp! I also have some information about what our counselors have been up to, and our new cabin themes!!

Yesterday we spent a lot of time talking to Peter and Meg about counseling issues that may arise during the second session, and how this session may differ from the first. We also got to know our new co counselors, and spent time learning about our new campers! We came up with our new cabin themes, and made corresponding bunk tags, welcome signs, and cabin decorations!!

Here are our new cabin themes!

Team LCH!
The Periodic Table of Loons! Their showers are protons and neutrons!
The space cowboys of Gimme Shelter will be helping Snack Jack at the International Snack Station, when everyone gets their snacks during Interest Groups!
The Avalon Pirates!
The Chateau Fiasco conspiracy theorists will be sharing different conspiracy theories with the camp during Meeting!
The interdimensional time travelling zen masters of Atlantis!
The Forbidden Planet of the Apes will be walking around camp like Apes!
The Winter WOMBLE-land will wake up each morning to Walking in a Winter Wonderland!
The Down Under Dinosaurs!
The French Quarter rock stars!
The Paquatahnee pet rocks have a mascot named PaquaTony, who they’ll keep in the cabin!
The Fiddlers Green Farmers will be sharing Farming Tips of the Day with the camp at Meeting!
The Shangri-Llamas of Shangri-La have llama bunk tags and and the “bale of mail”!
Camelot is emulating the Divergent book series!
Valhalla will be celebrating the Val-Holidays in the cabin!
The Taj Mahal tacos will be making tacos for their cabin night!

We have some amazing cabin themes this session, and we can’t wait to share how each cabin embodies and celebrates their themes throughout camp!! Stay tuned for photos tonight of Arrival Day and Opening Night Skits!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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