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The Basketball Game Scoop, All About Shrek, and Lots More!

Sunday, August 17th, 2014


Good morning, friends! Olive Oyl here with loads of camp news just for you!

First off, yesterday was very exciting with the camper versus counselor basketball game during Interest Groups. It was an amazing game, with incredible endurance by the campers who played the entire time. The camper team was leading up until the very end when Luke B. made an awesome three-point shot, making the final score 36 to 35. Although the counselors ultimately came out victorious, it was a challenging game for all that really showed off the skill and determination of the camper team. The counselor team did have some secret weapons in their lineup, like the infamous Team X, made up of the Program Directors and Peter, all clad in ridiculous  attire and playing with lots of attitude. There was also team ZoScoMo, consisting of our three super cool counselors, Zach, Scotty, and Moses.

The excitement didn’t end after interest groups, though! We had a fantastic evening with Shrek the Musical! It was truly an awe-inspiring performance full of laughter and heartwarming moments. It was clear that all the campers and counselors involved put in so much hard work and passion to produce such an incredible performance. Everything from the set, to the costumes, to the acting and the singing, were all amazing. Princess Fiona had a beautiful tower with a painted window and all of the character’s costumes were spot on, like the Gingerbread Man’s purple buttons and Donkey’s cloppity hooves. These two characters provided lots of comic relief, and the princesses all amazed us with their beautiful singing. Everyone went to bed with a smile on their face after a performance full of lots of talent and joy.

This morning got off to a great start with our final Bagel Sunday, where we enjoyed warm bagels with homemade cream cheese, like lox and garlic and herb. We also had soft-boiled eggs, melon and kiwi, and of course our selection of yummy cereals. We then started off morning meeting to the beautiful sound of Meg and Tom’s dulcimer playing. It’s hard to believe that it’s the last day of doing this lovely camp tradition. We also had our final interest groups, with the classics like Dynamos, who are going hunting for Bartholomew the monster this afternoon. We sang the Meg’s Planet song, with some special dance moves thanks to Celie. We also gave a big thank you to Cassie, our wonderful counselor who has been coordinating Interest Groups all summer.

A lot of cabins have also been cashing in on their wheel prizes as the end of camp is rolling around. Yesterday, our counselor John dressed up as a fairy for the day…check out the pictures, it was amazing! Cassie had a bucket of ice water dumped on her head and many counselors are baking cabins sweets or cleaning bathrooms for other cabins.

After enjoying our last day of classes doing things like grouting mosaics pieces and putting the final touches on dance routines, we’ll all gather together this evening for Sharing Night! We’ll see songs, videos, dances, and surely lots more. More to come on that tomorrow!

Be sure to check out the pictures as always!

Signing off,



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